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To control signal of motor controller, servo motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-04
This article from OFweek industrial control network, the word 'server' comes from Greek 'slave' mean. 'Servo motor controller' can be understood as to the control signal of motor controller: before the control signal, rotor motionless; When the control signal, rotor rotating immediately; When the control signal disappears, the rotor can immediately halt. Servo motor controller is used as actuators in automatic control device of micro &special motor controller, its function is to convert electrical signals into a shaft angular displacement or angular velocity. Robot with servo motor controller for the bus communication between controller and the servo speed; High precision servo; In addition to basic material processing requirements. Especially like a robot end executor ( Gripper) Volume should be adopted, quality motor controller as small as possible, especially for quick response, servo motor must have high reliability and stability, and can withstand harsh operating conditions, can be very frequent direction and deceleration operation, and can withstand overload in short time. Servo motor controller is divided into two categories: dc servo ac servo and the basic structure of ac servo motor controller and ac induction motor ( Asynchronous motor controller) Similar. On the stator two phase space displacement electric Angle 90 ° of Wf excitation winding and control winding WcoWf, constant voltage, using applied to the ac voltage on the Wc or phase change, achieve the goal of control motor controller operation. Ac servo motor controller with stable operation and good controllability, rapid response, high sensitivity and the characteristics of mechanical properties and adjust the nonlinearity of indicators (strictly Requirements, respectively, less than 10% ~ 15% and less than 15% ~ 25%) Wait for a characteristic. Dc servo motor controller basic structure similar to general dc motor. Motor controller speed n = E/K1j = ( Ua-IaRa) / K1j, type of E for armature counter electromotive force, K is constant, j per pole flux, Ua, Ia for the armature voltage and the armature current, Ra as the armature resistance, change Ua or phi, all can control of dc servo motor speed, but generally adopt the method of control the armature voltage, in permanent magnet dc servo motor, the field winding is replaced with magnet flux phi is constant. Dc servo motor has good linear adjustment characteristics and fast time response. Servo motor controller of the importance of industrial robot control system and automation products mainly involves the servo motor controller, speed reducer, controller and sensor etc. Servo motor is the power motive system of the industrial robot controller, general installation in the joints of the robot, is the 'heart' of the robot movement. At present, the robot joints drive is dependent on the servo system, the more joints, the robot's flexibility and precision is higher, need to use the more the number of servo motor controller. Robots on the servo system of the demand is higher, must satisfy the fast response, high starting torque, regulated moment of inertia than the big, wide speed range, to adapt to the robot's body to do small volume, light weight, operation conditions, such as acceleration and deceleration and require high reliability and stability. At present, the industrial robot is more ac servo system. Servo motor controller of the market distribution at present, industrial machinery market in China, including mainstream suppliers, panasonic, yaskawa, mitsubishi, Japan and Europe and the United States of lorentz and Bosch rexroth. From the point of city share, at present abroad servo enterprise in our country, the market share of 75%. Among them, the Japanese brands accounted for 50%; European and American brands accounted for 25%. And domestic brands account for only about 20% of the market. Current our country mid-range servo system has been able to realize large-scale production, but the high-end servo system has not yet formed commercialization and mass production capacity, domestic demand for precision servo motor control system mainly rely on imports. Robot industry development are flawed, along with the advancement of support policy of the industrial robot, as well as the continuous increase of domestic servo technology, servo system in our country will accelerate the pace of import substitution.
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