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The motor controller assembly clearance have the influence on the rolling bearing operation performance

by:Hoprio     2020-07-23

1 or outer ring and roller bearing inner ring on the shaft end cover fit too tight or too loose the manufacturing precision of rolling bearing itself, with its dimensional accuracy of the shaft and hole, shape tolerance and surface roughness, with the selection and assembly situation determines the operation of the using time. When the bearing inner ring or outer ring and the distance between the end cover with greater than zero. 1 mm, friction between stator and rotor may be. Sweep chamber is lighter, although motor can run, but, the rotor rubbing against each other long time, want to wear parts temperature will rise, easy to burn winding; Sweep bore heavy, motor controller will not be able to operate normal starting. Check and bore the failed motor controller, often can see light or dark because of the friction parts. Bearing the original clearance and rotor bearing, bearing housing and bearing inner and outer ring cooperate with decision bearing clearance, after the assembly, inner hole will appear the phenomenon of large, cylindrical will shrink, the change can reduce the bearing clearance, clearance of reduction is equivalent to 60% of the amount of interference. Bearing inner ring and shaft fit too tight or bearing outer ring and the matching of the end cover too tight, that is, large amount of interference of bearing clearance is becoming too small, even with the shaft body is close to fit, the bearing rotation is difficult, frictional resistance increase, get hot. If the bearing inner ring and the shaft, or bearing outer ring and cooperate too loose end cover, also can appear friction, bearing heating. Bearing inner ring as the benchmark parts move inside circle diameter tolerance zone below the zero line, the tolerance zone of the same shaft and bearing inner ring formation is much tighter in the general datum holes. When assembling the motor controller, need to insure the normal work clearance of the bearing, carefully check the bearing inner ring and the rotor shaft fit tolerance, and the bearing outer ring and the fit tolerance of hole. So the match condition is the same, interference fit refers to the bearing inside diameter and axial mixing ratio is usually cooperate more closely. Transition fit clearance fit refers to the bearing outside diameter tolerance or the same negative tolerance, the bearing outer ring and bearing room together. 2 motor controller outside the bearing cap and the axial clearance between rolling bearing is too small or eccentric for horizontal, large and medium-sized motor controller usually use ball bearings, shaft end on load bearing, if using cylindrical roller bearings, rotor is easy to heat expansion drive shaft inner ring elongation of freedom. Horizontal small motor adopt ball bearings at both ends. Rotor motor controller in the process of motor use, slower cooling, heat makes the rotor temperature higher than the temperature of the stator, so the rotor of the elongation is higher than the rotor, to a certain extent. Between bearing cover and the bearing outer ring, the axial spacing should maintain proper activity, too close, the heat generated in large axial elongation will be caused by axial force bearing and produce more heat. For this kind of problem, solving the goal is to ensure the end bearing cover and have enough space between the bearing outer ring, measures is the axis of the side or rear bearing end cover axial car to go a bit, add waveform spring washer between bearing cover and end cover. End cover installed on both sides of the motor controller if not fully fit or does yan, scrolling experience, deviating from the normal orbits to generate heat, this kind of circumstance, need to stop operation, restore the motor end cover is installed on both sides controller flat, is back on track roller, bolted.
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