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Dc servo motor controller dynamic braking distance calculation

by:Hoprio     2020-08-04
For the choice of the dc servo motor controller, we cannot ignore the RMS speed, torque motor controller and the influence factors of dynamic braking distance on the motor controller. 1. , mechanical operation of the motor speed controller in the actual rotation of the motor controller can not exceed the motor rotation speed controller. 2. The RMS torque root mean square value of the torque in a processing cycle should be less than 90% of the locked-rotor torque of the motor controller. 3. Dynamic braking distance dynamic braking distance is when an accident occurs, the need to stop machine when the braking distance. Dynamic braking method is to connect power line both sides of the motor controller for short, Amplifier system, do not need to undertake additional attachment) 。 The dynamic braking process is divided into three processes: 1) Amplifier receives the time delay of moving distance. For the t1 delay time. 2) The electromagnetic contactor ( MCC) The distance moved close time, delay time for t2. 3) The electromagnetic contactor shut patrol, in the process of dynamic braking distance. Usually, the t1 + t2 = 0. 5 seconds. Braking distance = * (Vm t1 + t2) + ( JM + JL) * ( A*N0+B*NO3) * L ( mm /度) Vm: fast movement speed, mm/SEC or [ deg/sec] JM: motor controller inertia [ 公斤。 m2] JL: load inertia 公斤。 m2] Fast moving speed [N0: motor controller 分钟- 1] L: motor controller is a distance between mobile [ 毫米) Or [ deg] ( N0/60 * L = Vm) A: calculating the distance between the dynamic brake braking coefficient A, B: calculating the distance between the dynamic brake braking coefficient B in use, you can also choose to shorten the distance of dynamic braking system function; Emergency stop distance function. Illustrations of the braking coefficient can query the servo motor controller.
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