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Robot joints need brushless motor controller? What are the characteristics of

by:Hoprio     2020-07-21

robot joints need drive motor controller, and brushless motor controller has fully meet the requirements of robot joint features. Robot joints, therefore, need to use the brushless motor controller, besides the brushless motor controller has these characteristics: 1, starting torque, moment of inertia than the big, in the case of driving load, the requirement of the drive motor of the robot controller large starting torque, moment of inertia of small, fast response, 2 brushless motor controller from get instructions signal to complete the required working state of time should be short. Response signals of the shorter time, the higher the sensitivity of the control system of the motor, the more rapid response performance good, generally is the brushless motor controller of the size of the electrical and mechanical time constant to illustrate the performance of brushless motor controller rapid response. 3, wide speed range, can be used in 'speed range of 0 ~ 10000. 4, the control characteristics of the continuity and linearity, as the change of control signal, the speed of the brushless motor controller can change continuously, sometimes still need speed is proportional to the control signal is proportional or approximation. 5, small size, the quality is small, the fuselage length, trunnion sizes is short, this is the one big characteristic of brushless motor controller, suitable for space robot installation location small feature requirements. 6, can be very frequent direction and deceleration operation, and can withstand overload in short time, can run under tough conditions. According to the statistics, high starting torque and high torque and low inertia of communication has the brush motor controller, brushless dc motor controller, stepper motor controller, dc servo motor controller is widely used in industrial robots. Average load of 1000 n ( A 100 KGF) The following industrial robots are mostly adopt dc motor drive system controller. Robot joints joints drive motor controller is mainly adopted by the BLDC brushless DC motor controller, motors stepper motor controller and DC servo motor controller. Stepper motor controller driving system is more suitable for precision, speed, demand is not high, small simple open loop system of the robot, brushless dc motor controller with the reversing, non commutation spark and has been widely used in the inflammable and explosive environment. Robot joints drive motor controller power range of 0. 01 ~ 10 kw。 Industrial robot drive system adopted by the brushless motor controller as introduced to the above available, servo, stepper, such as motor controller, brushless motor controller itself has small volume, low quality, fast response, large starting torque inertia ratio etc features, combined with the robot joints also have these qualities, so the brushless motor controller was better cater to the trends of the development of robot industry applications. Brushless motor controller manufacturers, electrical and mechanical, welcome to inquire or technical exchanges, telephone
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