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Brushless dc motor controller integrated more functions, make the motor controller is more progress

by:Hoprio     2020-07-18

brushless dc motor controller integrated more functions, make the motor controller more progress relative to the one hundred - year - old has a motor controller, the brushless dc motor controller is more efficient and more smaller and lighter volume, and is steadily developing forward rapidly. For they are stable and the increasing popularity, is becoming a new boom. Just two years ago, brushless dc motor controller is far more expensive than a brush motor controller. But thanks to design the progress of technology and material technology, its prices sharply lower. Today, the cost difference between the two kinds of motor controller technology is only 10%. And the most significant change is designers began to work closely with industrial application. Traditionally, it is considered to belong to hardcore type motor controller the application field, because the 'clean' is not the most important work environment. But now, due to lower cost barriers, brushless motor controller, gaining new applications. A brush and brushless motor controller is the most significant difference between whether equipped with common brush - The commutator ( 刷子, 换向器) 。 Over the past century, a commutation of brushless dc motor controller has been through graphite brush and mounted on the rotor commutator ring in contact. While the brushless motor controller by hall sensor ( 霍尔传感器) Put back the rotor position feedback control circuit, make its can learn phase reversing motor controller ( Order) The accuracy of the time. Most of the brushless motor controller manufacturers production positioning controller has three hall effect sensors. As there is no brush brushless motor controller, so also does not have relevant interface, therefore more efficient, less noise, use at ordinary times no depth of maintenance, longer life. So, what is yet to be further? Although motor controller of brushless motor controller industry advantage understanding deepens, but so far work is still limited to develop the hall sensor brushless motor controller to control electronic components. Current to the motor controller and motor controller driver card development demand is very urgent, they can provide designers with micro controller, programmable ability and drive, and all these functions are integrated in a single package. Whether in the digital or analog mode, is essentially this integrated approach to complete all necessary commutator motor controller application. Without this integration, brushless motor controller doesn't work. When choosing the best driver, pulse width modulation ( 脉宽调制) IC is increasingly recognised as one of the preferred technology. Only depends on the selection of optimal drive efficiency. Linear circuit to highlight shortcomings in the end, the output level is approximately 50%. In this output electricity at ordinary times, the impedance of the bypass element is equal to the load impedance, which means that the heat generated by the amplifier is equal to the power supply load! In short, when the medium power level drivers with resistive loads, linear control circuit in the efficiency of 50%. Now let's consider a PWM solution. In the PWM control system, simulation input level is converted to a variable duty cycle switch drive signal. From an electrical switch to another state of the process, which is between the OFF and ON referred to as 'modulation', this is also the technology is called 'pulse width modulation'. At first duty ratio is zero, that is, has been in the OFF state, when the motor controller starts to rotate, duty, increase than usual, application until the motor controller to achieve the required speed and/or torque. The question remains, what is yet to be further? Is necessary to control brushless motor controller of the specific function of micro controller, and to provide energy to the motor controller and micro controller and the interface between the brushless motor controller PWM IC driver has started to come out. But in order to provide designers they now urgently need to be integrated brushless control circuit functions, there are still a lot of work to be done in this field.
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