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Brushless dc motor controller in the application of the car

by:Hoprio     2020-08-03
Brushless dc motor controller without brush and commutator, can solve the system design of space is limited, and don't have to worry about the general wear, spark and noise, provide good control, to provide a specific application in auto variable speed control. Brushless dc motor controller can also can improve fuel efficiency, save energy consumption. Brushless dc motor controller in the automobile has the following application: 1, car purifier adopts brushless dc electrical car purifier with brushless dc motor drive centrifugal wind leaf, to get rid of foul air. Motor ontology is according to the scheme to determine the motor controller circuit, two phase is commonly used bridge type in driving circuit. Inside the stator winding can be more easily around the core of tooth. The motor controller to make outer rotor type structure, stator and stator winding on the rotor. Commutation drive circuit using special integrated circuits ( ASIC) , simple circuit, control and protection functions. 2, development of automobile air conditioning with brushless dc motor type low voltage large current automotive air conditioning with brushless dc motor can resolve the brush dc motor noise big shortcomings, short service life and maintenance difficulties, improve the function of mechanical and electrical operation. Its rated voltage is 12 v, because of its limited to structure, to increase difficulty to the design of brushless dc motor. Stator laminations of 12 slot structure, because it is low voltage large current mode, in order to ensure the current density is not high, USES the bifilar winding to reduce the diameter of wire; So using radial tile type permanent magnet. Select the hall element to position sensor. Controller installed in the motor end cover inner surface, position sensor magnetic field of the axial magnetic field. 3, for brushless dc motor drive the vehicle drive motor type can be roughly divided into four categories: dc motor, ac motor, brushless dc motor, magnetic resistance motor, etc. , through the practice think brushless dc motor has obvious advantages. Adopt inverter for electronic commutation, cancel the mechanical commutator and brush, this structure is easy to operation and does not affect motor ontology when replacement tyres. USES the cancellation of the gear, external rotor motor direct drive, is in the drive motor vehicles in the world, this advanced solutions. Many basic selects the internal rotor brushless dc motor manufacturer. In addition, the disc under the low-speed permanent magnet brushless dc motor torque, can win in the electric vehicle drive front or rear wheel, thereby eliminating the mechanical variable speed unit. Has axial compact structure, convenient installation, low noise, reliable running and stepless speed regulation, etc. The air-gap magnetic field of the axial, the stator winding of conductors, arranged for radiation by the fan of the permanent magnet rotor is N, S alternating in disc yoke assembly. Can may be as insulation fill material to switch to thermosetting epoxy resin material, adopt heat moulding process.
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