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The structure and classification of technology of dc servo system is outlined

by:Hoprio     2020-08-04
Dc servo control technology is widely used military-industrial complex, precision machine tools, robots and other fields. With the progress of power electronic technology, digital signal processing technology, dc servo system in the direction of the digital, integration, miniaturization, intelligent development. Control strategy in the dc servo control plays a vital role, good control strategy not only can make up for the inadequacy of hardware design, and to further improve the performance of the system. From the perspective of the concrete structure of dc servo system, a typical structure were designed to be including position loop, speed loop and current loop three-loop control structure. Position loop of the dynamic and static performance of the whole system is self-evident. The design of current loop, speed loop quality also is crucial to the performance of the whole system. The current inner ring at least the following function: transform the inner ring control object, quickening the system; Within the current loop interference suppression in time; Limit zui large current to ensure the safe operation of system. The effect of speed loop is enhances the load disturbance resistance ability of the system. Therefore, to design a high performance dc servo system, need according to the specific condition of each ring to take corresponding reasonable control strategy. With microelectronics technology, the development of microprocessor technology, control technology, servo control technology has been rapidly developed from analog to digital stage. Before digital control makes many advanced but difficult to achieve in the simulation control algorithm of complex strategies are applied to today's high-performance servo system. At present, in dc servo system of the application of various control techniques and strategies can be roughly divided into the following three categories: 1. Controller for dc motor, the mathematical model of the classical control strategy. Such as: PID control; 2. The control strategy based on modern control theory. Such as: zui optimal control, adaptive control, sliding mode variable structure control, etc. ; 3. Based on the control strategy of intelligent control thought. Such as fuzzy control, neural network control, genetic algorithm, etc.
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