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Deceleration characteristic of servo motor controller and continuous load torque requirements

by:Hoprio     2020-08-04
We have introduced in the previous load inertia ratio on the servo motor controller, is to know about the deceleration characteristics ( The short processing factors) Continuous load torque of the servo motor and controller. 1, the deceleration characteristics ( The short processing factors) In mechanical processing, in addition to the need to guarantee the continuous thrust, the driving load must also consider short-term processing factors, namely: the motor controller in the output characteristic of the process of acceleration and deceleration. In the process of deceleration, big thrust will reach machinery need. When choosing motor controller, therefore, need to consider the high torque motor controller and mechanical deceleration too high torque needed to match. The forehead high torque of motor controller directly affect the setting of deceleration time constant. 2, continuous load torque continuous load torque including mechanical friction and gravity gravity moment axis, usually continuous load torque should not exceed 70% of the locked-rotor torque servo motor controller. If continuous load torque is the same as the locked-rotor torque, when calculating the root mean square value, can lead to the whole process of the average torque values ( Including the plus/minus torque) More than locked-rotor torque of the motor controller. In use of gravity axis motor controller, as a result of external mechanical factors, will lead to rising process in the process of the stop and torque increased. In this case, it is recommended to use no more than 60% of locked-rotor torque of the torque value as standard. Note: standard locked-rotor torque, please according to the actual characteristics of the machine tool and measure of the actual mechanical structure, based on the actual debugging experience, suggested that continuous load torque not exceed 45% of the locked-rotor torque motor controller. Gravity axis of the cases, also suggests the corresponding adjustment according to actual condition, proposed should to transfer torque of 30% as standard. Stay tuned for more content we dc servo motor controller manufacturers motor controller.
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