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The importance of reasonable planetary reducer lubrication

by:Hoprio     2020-08-03
Lubrication in gear reducer is the main purpose of the work of forming oil film between contacting surfaces of the parts and decreases the friction between the parts contact area, and take away the heat generated in transmission, the parts from high temperature, absorption of shock and vibration, noise, exhaust impurities. Planetary gear reducer lubricating oil selection depends on the work of gear reducer speed, load and environmental temperature. The viscosity of the choice of important parameters of lubricating oil is oil. 1, horizontal cycloid speed reducer lubrication oil pool in normal case, the oil level height in depending on the oil in the middle of the window, in the working conditions, environmental temperature lubrication can be used in high temperature cycle. 2, cycloidal reducer at ordinary temperatures generally choose # 40 or 50 # machine oil lubrication, in order to improve the performance of reducer, prolonging the service life of cycloidal reducer, the proposal USES # 70 or # 90 extreme pressure gear oil, when working under high and low temperature conditions can also should reconsider lubricating oil. 3, vertical installation planet cycloidal pinwheel reduction confidential fight pump oil, to avoid reducer parts damaged. As planetary reducer in engineering machinery, lifting transportation, metallurgy, oil chemical industry, construction machinery, instruments and meters, automobile, ship and are widely applied in many fields such as aerospace, its working condition caused the attention of the user, most of the work environment is very bad, run often appear some fault caused by oil problem. 1. Internal structure design of non-standard reducer: in reducer structure, as a result of the inspection hole above the cover plate design is too thin and tighten the screws are prone to deformation after contact lines and lead to the oil, without annealing processing and manufacturing process of casting the distortion produced gap lead to oil leakage, may also with no design return chute body, when excessive oil accumulation on the end cover and structure of the reducer box joint surface, differential pressure lubricating oil leak outward from the combination of gaps. Casing leak caused environmental pollution: in the reducer, because oil seal, seal damage, loose oil plug or oil spill the damage caused by such factors as enclosure, may also have too much oil, oil level is too high or multiple cold start lubricating oil foaming phenomenon occurs, causes the air plug appear a large number of oil spills and serious environmental pollution. Excessively high oil temperature device loss: in the operation of the speed reducer, because of the insufficient amount of lubricating oil or over load operation of the equipment, the cause of reducer internal lubricating oil temperature rising fast, cause local damage reducer internal related parts. Some devices as internal stress did not eliminate, encounter the thermal deformation caused by reducer precision decreased, the decrease of strength of some of the parts under the condition of high temperature material cause damage. In addition, some operating is not flexible, serious loss power of reducer in the process of operation, when there is a foreign invasion, could drive a stuck, appear abnormal phenomenon such as uneven or vibration. Reducer lubrication is the cause for the failure of gears, bearings and other unreasonable, an important reason for domestic gear reducer lubrication failure caused by unreasonable about 25% of the total failure accidents. Good lubrication is prerequisite to guarantee the normal work of the speed reducer, gear reducer manufacturers, such as, the user should give attaches great importance to this.
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