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The different characteristics of the control system of ac/dc servo motor?

by:Hoprio     2020-08-03
The different characteristics of the control system of ac/dc servo motor? Below from power, performance, protection circuit, etc. , described and different features of the control system of dc servo motor. Power for dc servo system is often used in radar's driving motor power amplifier, the line of light weight, speed slow, driving power is small, generally for decades, can be directly use dc motor control. When the driving power demand in recent kw or kw or more, choose drive solutions, namely amplification of the dc motor armature current, is an important part of servo system design. To use more are: high power dc power supply current transistor amplifiers, thyristor power amplifier and motor controller enlarger and so on. For kilowatt transistor amplifier using less. SCR technology in the last century 60 ~ 70 s rapid development and extensive application, but due to the time of the various aspects reason, such as reliability, many gave up the thyristor control products. The current integrated driver module are generally made for transistor and thyristor. Motor controller enlarger is one of the traditional dc servo motor controller of power amplifier unit, because of its simple control, solid and durable, the new model of the product is still on the radar. The following main amplification motor controller, for example, compare the advantages and disadvantages of ac servo motor controller. Zoom motor controller is often referred to as expanding machine, usually using ac asynchronous induction motor drag series two-stage dc generator controller group, in order to achieve dc control. Control winding two groups, each group of input impedance for the thousands of Europe, if use concatenated input impedance of about 10000 euro, servo motor controller for balance of complementary symmetry commonly input, when the system input is not equal to zero to break the balance, make the zoom motor controller has the output signal. When the input current for teens to dozens of mah its output can reach more than 100 v dc voltage and several to dozens of current and directly to the dc servo motor controller of the armature winding. Its main drawback is the volume weight, nonlinearity, especially near the zero point is not very good, this needs careful handling for the high requirement of system. And ac servo motor controller is equipped with special drive, it is far less than the same power on volume and weight of motor controller to enlarge, it depends on the internal composition of transistor and thyristor switch circuit, servo motor controller based on the photoelectric encoder or hall device to judge rotor position at that time, decided to drive motor controller of a, b, c three corresponding state of output, so its efficiency and stability is very good. So unlike control zoom motor controller needs to do special power amplifier circuit. This motor controller for permanent magnet commonly, drive a, b, c three-phase turn change current control motor controller, so called ac servo motor controller; Drives the input control signals can be burst, can also be a dc voltage signal, General plus or minus 10 v) , so there are referred to as brushless dc motor. Two motor controller of simple test comparison of two kinds of motor controller made brief experiment comparison: as long as the system of the original dc error signal directly connected to the analog control input of the ac servo drive controller in ac servo motor and its drive instead of the original differential amplifiers, motor controller enlarger and dc servo motor controller, and the control part and Angle measuring components are the same, simple comparison of two schemes of output characteristic.
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