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Servo motor selection method

by:Hoprio     2020-08-04
Servo motor and motor, motor or control. In the automatic control system, servo motor is an executive element, its role is to put the signal, The control voltage and phase) Into mechanical displacement, that is, motor controller receives the signals to a certain speed and angular displacement. Its capacity is in commonly 0. 1 - 100 w, commonly used is below 30 w. There are points of dc and ac servo motor. The choice of servo motor controller is mainly the selection of feed shaft drive motor controller. Based on the precision of the servo motor controller, load, fast moving speed, small feed unit of the system and a comprehensive consideration of other factors, thus it is concluded that the right choice. In mechanical processing, motor controller of power including: continuous load torque ( Including gravity, friction, etc. ) , deceleration torque, cutting torque. When choosing a motor controller, need comprehensive analysis on the above the size of each force, in order to determine the type of motor controller. In addition, the motor controller in the process of work, because will be affected by the work environment, selecting a motor controller, also need to consider the motor controller is the influence of environment on it, such as temperature, humidity, vibration, etc. Traditional selection methods: here only consider the question of the motive forces of the motor controller for linear motion with velocity v ( t) , the acceleration a ( t) And the required force F ( t) Said, they all can be expressed as a function of time, nothing to do with other factors. Obviously, motor controller of high power P controller, should be more than the workload of the peak to peak power P, but it is not enough to so, physical power contains two parts, the torque and speed but they are limited in the actual transmission mechanism. Expressed in T peak or peak value. The speed of the motor controller determines the upper limit of the reducer reduction ratio, maximum n = peak, large/peak, in the same way, the output torque of the motor controller determines the lower limit of reduction ratio, n/T = T peak motor controller, upper, lower limit if n is greater than n ceiling, choice of motor controller is inappropriate. On the other hand, will be for each motor controller to a broad range of analogy to determine the scope of the feasible ratio between upper and lower. Peak power as the only choice of the principle of motor controller is inadequate, and the accurate calculation of the transmission ratio are very complicated. New selection method, a new selection principle is to separate the motor controller and load characteristics, and the form of a schematic, checking the feasibility of the said method makes the drives and the comparison between the different system more convenient, in addition, also provides a possible range of transmission ratio. The advantage of this approach: suitable for all kinds of load conditions; Will load and characteristics of the motor controller separate; About the power of each parameter are available graphical form and are suitable for all kinds of motor controller. Therefore, no longer need to use a great deal of analogy to check whether the motor controller is able to drive a specific load on the motor controller and load ratio between change motor controller with dynamic loading parameters. The choice of servo motor controller by what factors here don't do detailed introduction, if you are interested in can be reference to collect small make up to write next time.
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