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Worm gear and worm reducer what are the common problems

by:Hoprio     2020-07-17

1 a, common problems and reasons. Reducer worm gear reducer in order to improve the efficiency of fever and leakage, and generally adopt nonferrous metal worm gear, worm, the use of the hard steel, because it is sliding friction transmission, in the process of operation, can produce high quantity of heat, make the reducer thermal expansion differences between the parts and seal clearance to the mating surface, and the oil due to the rise of temperature is thinning, easy to cause leakage. There are four causes for this kind of situation: one is material collocation is unreasonable, the second is the poor quality of mesh on the surface of the friction surface, 3 it is to choose the amount of lubricating oil added is not correct, four is the difference in assembly quality and the use of the environment. 2. Tin bronze commonly used worm gear wear worm gear, worm pairs, the material hardening of 45 steel is commonly used in to HRC45 - 55 and commonly used hardened HRC50-40 c 55, the worm grinder grinding roughness RaO. 8 FCM, normal operation of speed reducer, the worm is a hardening of the 'file', constantly filing worm, the worm gear wear and tear. In general, the wear and tear slowly, some mill reducer can be used more than 10 years. If wear faster, consider reducer selection is correct, whether have overload operation, the material of worm gear and worm, assembly quality and using the environment. 3. Drive bevel pinion wear generally occur in the vertical installation of reducer, mainly associated with the added quantity and the types of oil of lubricating oil. Vertical installation, it is easy to cause enough oil, slow down when the machine stopped running, transmission gear oil loss between the motor controller and speed reducer, gear without proper lubrication protection. Gear reducer starts, mechanical wear and damage due to can not get effective lubrication. 4. Worm bearing damage failure occurs, even if the reducer seal is good, is often found in the reducer gear oil was emulsified and bearing rust, corrosion, damage phenomenon. This is because the reducer after running for a period of time, gear oil after high temperature and cooling water mixed with water. There are, of course, is closely related to the bearing quality and assembly process.
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