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Brushless motor controller drive speed four ways

by:Hoprio     2020-07-15

brushless motor speed controller drives a four way: duty ratio control duty ratio control method by changing the equivalent output voltage to adjust motor speed controller. Duty ratio control has the characteristics of fast response, but the speed by the load changes have certain change, electric current shall not exceed the configured in a stalled position under the condition of maximum load current, locked-rotor torque is directly proportional to duty ratio into approximate, it can be shown as when the motor controller to adjust for rotates at low speed, small torque brushless motor controller. 2: torque control torque control mode by adjusting the size of the output current to change the output torque of the motor controller. Brushless motor controller usually work in the blocked state. Torque control mode of the output current can be within the scope of the configuration of the maximum load current adjusted. Three: speed closed-loop control speed closed-loop control method using the PID algorithm to the steady speed control motor controller. Steady simplified method support speed in zhu position closed-loop control loop control and time. The former directly adjusted by the controller of brushless motor speed, less overshoot and the characteristics of leaf speed smoothly at high speed, but at low speed, speed regulating uneven problem may come up, the latter by calculating the brushless motor controller should change over time by turning the location of the motor controller to control the rotational position, and indirectly to the steady speed control of motor controller, this way can meet more than one drive controller rotational position synchronization control of multiple motor requirements and to meet the requirements of the low speed and steady speed control, but the speed setting has certain overshoot, brushless motor controller configuration, form a complete set of drives support closed-loop speed control acceleration for using speed closed loop control algorithm, can be accelerated configuration, so that the steady speed faster response and for the use of time Position closed-loop control algorithm, the acceleration switch configuration is too large may lead to overshoot or serious motor controller rotation process is not smooth. Four: position closed loop control using PID algorithm to control motor rotation position controller, when a given target position, the drive will be according to the configuration of the accelerated acceleration, deceleration and maximum speed, acceleration operation process of automatic calculation of electric current real-time rotation position of target speed and control, so that the motor controller according to the configuration parameters accurately the rotation speed and acceleration to the target position, the position of brushless motor controller control process, the drive can also estimate the brushless motor controller at the same time the time required to turn to the target position.
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