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The effects of PID control in brushless dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-02
Brushless dc motor controller with both ac motor controller of simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance and a series of advantages, and has the dc motor controller running with high efficiency, no excitation loss and speed performance is good, and many other advantages, so its application scope and widely, in the defense, aerospace, medical equipment, household appliances, robots and other fields, including photoelectric position tracking system is one of the important application field. Traditional PID control with its characteristics of good real-time, and easy to realize are widely used in the control system, as long as the right to set parameters of the PID controller can achieve its function, but as a result of photoelectric tracking system of a given location signals are generally fuzzy uncertainty, the combined with nonlinear accused of motor controller and system parameters are fuzzy uncertain, plus is accused of motor controller of time-varying, nonlinear and system parameters of the PID control effect will be difficult to achieve the expected goal. And fuzzy control, nonlinear, time-varying, etc of the controlled objects with strong ability to adapt, its flexibility and good robustness, and simple control, is widely applied in the field of motor control, fuzzy control is difficult to completely eliminate the system steady-state error, but in general the control accuracy is not ideal. Through simulation analysis can be seen that the fuzzy controller to system deviation and the deviation change rate as input, with similar conventional proportional Differential effect, can obtain good dynamic characteristics, but its stability cannot achieve satisfactory effect. Proportion link in PID controller improves dynamic response, integral element can eliminate static error, differential link can speed up the system response, less overshoot, the fuzzy PID controller, the fuzzy control of the advantages of good dynamic performance and steady precision of PID control combined with the advantages of effectively improving the control performance of servo system, the adaptability to disturbance and parameter changes, not only ensure the accuracy and stability of the motion control system, dynamic adjustment and shorten the time and the brushless dc motor controller achieved good control effect.
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