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Mechanical vibration fault analysis of ac servo motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-24

1 motor controller at both ends and screw after the bearing wear on the bearing clearance is too large, or bearing the lack of grease bearing roller and cage wear after serious cause the heavy load. After bearing wear gap will cause the motor controller and screw rotor alignment error exists, the mechanical system to produce jitter. Worn bearing roller and cage will cause friction increase, lead to 'blocked', in the case of not lead to 'overload alarm', due to the heavy load, will increase the response time of servo system, causing vibration. 2 motor controller rotor unbalance. Motor controller of rotor dynamic balance manufacturing defects or deteriorates after long time use, can produce like 'vibration motor controller' vibration source. Three axis of bending. Shaft bending is similar to the condition of the rotor imbalance, in addition to produce vibration source, also can produce motor controller center and the center of the screw rotor alignment error, mechanical drive system to produce jitter. After 4 coupling manufacturing defects or use wear can cause the alignment error of coupling of two parts, especially the use of casting rigid coupling, due to the manufacturing precision of itself is poor, more prone to alignment errors result in vibration. 5 guide rail parallelism in manufacturing will result in poor position servo system is unable to be designated to stay in the designated position, then servo motor controller will keep trying to find the position and feedback system between, make continuous vibration motor controller. 6 in the plane of the lead screw and guide rail parallelism error. Screw in the installation process and guide the plane with the parallelism error will make the motor controller due to the uneven load produces vibration. 7 screw bending. Screw bending after the screw will be affected by changes in addition to by the axial thrust of radial force and radial force is large, large bending curvature hours radial force is small, the same there should be no radial force will also make the mechanical transmission system of vibration.
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