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Introduction to the principle of servo motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-15

servo motor controller, servo motor controller is also called the dc motor controller, refers to the servo control of mechanical components in the system operation of the engine, is a kind of subsidy motor indirect variable speed device. It can control the speed and position accuracy is very accurate, can convert voltage signal into torque and rotational speed to drive control object. Servo motor controller can be divided into dc servo motor controller and ac servo motor controller. It can be used in ordinary industrial and civil occasions is sensitive to the cost. Basic structure: ac servo motor controller is composed of stator and rotor. The stator structure is basically similar to the capacitance split-phase single-phase asynchronous motor, the stator is equipped with two locations on each difference of 90 ° winding, one is Rf excitation winding, it always pick on the ac voltage Uf; L, another is the control winding connection control signal voltage Uc. So is also called the two ac servo motor servo motor. Ac servo motor rotor squirrel-cage often make it, but in order to make the servo motor has a wide speed range, linear mechanical properties, there is no 'rotation' phenomenon and the properties of fast response, it is compared with the ordinary motor, should have the characteristics of small rotor resistance and moment of inertia of the two. Working principle: the working principle of ac servo motor controller is similar to two phase induction motor controller
. But because it as actuators in the numerical control machine tool, converts ac electrical signal to a shaft angular displacement or angular velocity, so the required speed of the rotor speed can reflect the phase of the control signal, control signal when it does not turn. Because the two on the stator winding in the space difference of 90 ° electrical point of view, the two phase winding if be equal amplitude and phase difference of 90 ° electrical point of view, the symmetry of the voltage in the motor controller round rotating magnetic field in air gap. If two range voltage amplitude or phase of 90 ° electrical point of view, is produced by the magnetic field is an elliptic rotating magnetic field. Add in the signal on the control winding is different, the magnetic field generated ovality is different also. Servo motor controller inside the rotor is a permanent magnets, drive control of U/V/W three-phase electric form of electromagnetic field, under the action of rotating rotor in this field, at the same time, the motor controller with encoder feedback signal to drive, drive according to the feedback value compared with the target, adjust the Angle of the rotor rotation. Details consultation: http://www. tcmotor。 com/
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