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What is the brushless motor controller it and what is the difference between a brush motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

the motor controller is one of the four parts of electric vehicles, it is the function of the battery electrical energy into mechanical energy, drive electric vehicle wheel rotation, to achieve the purpose of continuous riding electric cars. Common types are: motor controller with brush tooth high-speed hub motor controller, no tooth brush wheel hub motor at low speed controller, brushless toothless hub motor at low speed controller, toothed wheel high-speed brushless motor controller, side hang motor controller, etc. What's a brush motor controller motor controller? Motor controller is working, coil and the commutator rotating, magnetic steel and carbon brush don't turn, depends on the direction of the coil current changes with the motor controller rotation phase switcher and carbon brush. A brush motor controller strength relatively brushless motor controller, less line, is a positive and a negative electrode thread. If the motor controller to reverse, as long as it is ok to switch the location of the two wires. In the electric car industry brush motor controller and speed there is motor controller and the low speed motor controller. Have a motor controller and the brushless motor controller has a lot of difference, the easiest to distinguish method is: have a brush motor controller with carbon brush, brushless motor controller without carbon brush. But have a motor controller the noise there are larger, brush motor controller has been basically eliminated. What is a brushless motor controller? Brushless motor controller is provided by different direction of current of dc controller, to achieve the motor controller inside the direction of the coil current variations. Between the stator and rotor brushless motor controller without carbon brush and phase switcher. Working principle of the brushless motor controller: the internal structure of dc brushless motor controller power supply power to the stator winding of motor controller through a switch circuit, three position sensors ( Commonly known as the hall) Detect the rotor position at any time, and according to the rotor position signal to control the conduction of six switch tube and globe, the windings which is automatically controlled by electricity, and the direction of electricity, so as to realize the electronic commutation. Brushless toothless motor controller is currently one of the most widely used electric motor controller, because life is long, relatively simple structure, no noise, and many other advantages widely used by electric vehicle manufacturer. Brushless motor controller with 60 degree Angle, Angle of 120 degrees and 180 degrees Angle, Angle of controller should be matched. Otherwise the new controller and motor controller can't work normally. Pay special attention to in maintenance replacement Angle problem. Brushless motor controller main phase line toothless motor controller has eight lines, respectively are the three main phase thread thick yellow, thick green, rough blue and 5 thread. The thin red line, thin black line respectively, the thin green line, thin yellow line, thin blue line, etc. Can detect through digital multimeter ( Power-on state detection) Treasure detection (or the garage No electricity) Motor controller whether there is a fault.
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