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The motor controller will regularly conduct orientation for new employees

by:Hoprio     2020-08-05
On April 18, hr director li motor controller and for orientation of new employees for a rich and vivid training, let new employees understand the motor controller, at the same time feel the corporate culture and humanistic care.

training opening li, director of the establishment of the motor controller is introduced and the development prospects, as well as the company's existing organizational structure, size, motor controller is China's leading general standard brushless dc motor controller, 无刷直流电机,刷) The r&d and manufacturing enterprises.

the motor controller as a certain scale enterprises, the company's rules and regulations system, director li still training meeting with particular emphasis on the content of the 7 s management: sorting, reorganization, cleaning, cleaning, quality, safety and economy. Standard office, workshop, warehouse, dormitory and documents, records, electronic files, network management, etc. Also noted employee workplace etiquette, dress and manners of expression, with customers and leadership, colleagues, subordinates, how to communicate, etc.

training meeting, new employees actively answer questions, share classic story case interaction, play games take turns to introduce yourself and published his way to the motor controller enterprise know the expectations and hopes. The motor controller new employee orientation for new colleague's consistent high praise! In the future we will also do new employee orientation on a regular basis.
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