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The brushless dc motor controller of electric actuator special function and performance analysis

by:Hoprio     2020-08-04
Brushless dc motor controller for electric actuator, have greatly enriched the function of the actuator, the main technical indicators and the actuator with an unprecedented increase. 1, switch valve speed adjustable speed control of brushless dc motor controller enables the actuator valve open and close speed is adjustable. Brushless dc motor controller can realize stepless speed regulation. Using closed loop speed regulation control technology, the speed can not change with load torque. For the user to select speed convenience, general control circuit to the motor speed controller is designed to step is optional. The speed can be divided into 8 file, for example, speed range. The user can according to your needs, choose open and close speed respectively. 2, variable speed running some special purpose valve work, requirements in different stroke work at different speed. Opening from 0 ~ 50%, for example, to walk for 10 seconds; Using 50% ~ 30 seconds. The brushless dc motor controller of actuators, will be very easy to implement the above requirements. 3. Flexible open flexible open means, start the motor controller makes the speed of the motor controller from zui resist begin to rise, to the user to set the valve open and close speed. Flexible open on the one hand can reduce the starting current of the motor controller, on the other hand can reduce the impact of reducer transmission gear mechanism. Due to the flexible start the starting current of the motor controller can be reduced to no greater than the rated current, so frequent startup of motor controller does not result in the motor controller and driver circuit. Can achieve more than 1200 times per hour, frequency requirements. Due to the startup drive gear will not cause the impact, also can effectively prolong the life span of the actuator. 4, flexible closed flexible closed refers to the actuator, gesture, the opening of the valve opening gradually close to the given at a given value and the actual opening close to a certain degree, Or to the limit position) , control circuit automatically begin to reduce the motor speed controller, in the given value and the actual opening value equal to shut off the motor controller, motor speed controller has fallen. Due to cutting motor controller of express delivery, can effectively improve the positioning precision is high, and reduce the impact of reducer mechanism when braking. 5. Automatic transmission when given value with the current differences in valve opening, the control circuit can be automatically adjustable high motor speed controller, the adjusting speed of regulating valve, in order to quickly eliminate the modulated quantity deviation of control system, improves the control quality of control system. 6, no friction braking brushless dc motor controller in the moment, when the power is with the kinetic energy of the rotor will be converted into electricity by the stator coil. At this time of the motor controller work in power generation. If the generator output short circuit of the controller, electric energy is emitted from the rotor braking action. The size of the braking torque is proportional to the rotor abortion walk speed. The motor controller, walking speed, the higher the greater the braking torque. So this without friction torque controller can make the motor immediately halt. Control circuit using the friction brake function, can greatly improve the positioning precision of the actuator. In actuators with travel time is more than 10 seconds, the positioning error can do not more than plus or minus 0. 1%. Compared with other braking, braking of brushless dc motor controller does not require specialised circuit or equipment, and braking torque, walking speed automatically change with guaranteed the zui better braking effect. Because of this kind of brake is fricative braking effect of long-term stability. 7, moment actuator output torque detection and over torque protection from electromagnetic moment of motor controller. By detecting the electromagnetic torque motor controller, the output torque of actuators can be obtained indirectly. When the load torque increases, the motor controller speed decreased, so that the current increases the potential decline. If the closed loop control motor speed controller, current increases with the resistance torque to keep constant speed, driving circuit automatically adjustable high upon the average voltage on the stator winding. So whether the motor speed controller is open-loop control and closed-loop control, the current can correctly reflect the actuator load torque changes. By current, voltage of dc motor controller calculates the moment, is a simple and effective method. With electric parameters testing of circuit of ac motor controller and software compared to dc motor controller torque monitoring circuit is simpler and more. This article from the international valve 5, 2010.
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