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The RV reducer features and principle

by:Hoprio     2020-07-17

the RV reducer is a new kind of reducer, it is placed in the traditional needle machine of decelerate of planet of developed on the basis of, not only overcome the shortcomings of general needle swing speed reducer, RV reducer machine has high transmission efficiency, stable working, low noise, small size, light weight, compact structure, reliable operation, long service life, large range of reduction ratio, etc. Lightweight streamline design, steel volume than traditional ontology model, thin and short, planetary gear reducer significantly, can save installation space. True circular tooth shape, tooth flank big, strong resistance to pressure, not to interfere in tooth won't crack, can withstand frequent is reversed and instant scram inertial impact. Double row scattered, mechanism structure, load balancing, circular gear design, wear small, low noise and temperature than other gear reducer. Line contact transmission, small friction coefficient, high efficiency, large output torque, low inertia, is a kind of precision transmission rigidity, rigid transmission path is closest to the ideal working curve, and this part of the original use rolling a cycloidal or slightly different harmonious transmission design. Due to the double conjugate curve and the improved design, flexible shaft pin output device can be controlled in the machine precision back lash arc seconds. Grease lubrication, no longer need maintenance, installation direction is not restricted. Human way with cylinder clamping and keyway to choose. Principle: the RV reducer drive is from the first stage of involute cylindrical gear retarding mechanism and secondary planet cycloidal planetary reduction mechanism of two parts, a closed differential gear train is shown in figure 2. 2 for the structure diagram. Active sun wheel are connected to the input shaft 1, if the involute center wheel clockwise, it will show 120 ° to drive three arrangement of planets round 2 in round around the center axis of revolution and counterclockwise rotation, three crank shaft 3 and planetary wheel 2 solid even with rotational speed, two phase difference of 180 ° cycloid gear 4 hinged on the three crank shaft, and engages with fixed needle wheel, needle wheel axis orbit around its axis while, also will be the direction of rotation, clockwise. Output mechanism ( The planet carrier) 6 by three of the crank shaft support in the bearing to drive, the cycloidal wheel rotation vector in a 1:1 ratio to pass out. Characteristics: l) Large range of transmission ratio; ( 2) Torsional rigidity large output mechanism, which is a bearing on both ends of the planet carrier, with a large disk output rigidity, planet carrier left large disk and work institution with the bolt connection, the torsional rigidity is greater than the output of the cycloid pin gear planetary reducer commonly. Under the rated torque, small elastic back; ( 3) As long as reasonable design, precision manufacturing and assembly of the guarantee, it can obtain high precision and small gap back to the poor; ( 4) High transmission efficiency; ( 5) Pass the same torque and power of small size, Or the carrying capacity of unit volume small) Due to the first level, the RV reducer with the three planetary wheel, especially secondary, cycloidal pinwheel for hard tooth surface gear meshing, that in itself determines its can use small volume transfer large torque, add in structure design, let the drive mechanism in the bearing of the planet carrier in the main bearing, greatly reduce the axial size, all the above factors make transmission volume decreases greatly.
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