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Several measures to improve the performance of planetary reducer

by:Hoprio     2020-08-04
From the aspects of design and manufacture of several methods to improve the performance of reducer are: 1. The reasonable design of gear teeth and the module of speed reducer gear ratio choice determines the reduction ratio of the transmission, and the number of teeth on the gears and modulus of determine the bearing capacity of the reducer. In all kinds of gear reducer, the sun wheel working condition is relatively poor, so you need to choose collocation according to the specific operating conditions of the reducer teeth and modulus, and give priority to check the sun wheel force. At the same time to reduce the gear error may occur during manufacture, choosing the gear teeth, making transmission ratio for each prime Numbers of integer. This kind of gear teeth can avoid the cyclical manufacturing error, leading to vibration or sound. 2. Set up reasonable backlash has lateral clearance of gear meshing to avoid the manufacturing error and the thermal deformation caused by interference between teeth, at the same time to facilitate storage of lubricating oil. But apparently, easily lead to excessive clearance when gear meshing impact, which further increases the vibration and noise. 3. Increase the contact ratio of gear meshing gear mesh size of the contact ratio of said and participate in the meshing teeth in logarithmic average. The more stable the coincidence degree, the greater the gear transmission, the gear mesh, the smaller the impact of noise is lower. 4. Gear modification gear modification including tooth to tooth top gear tooth modification, and modification. Gear tooth profile in the meshing force of elastic deformation occurs, when cut into or out of meshing, master-slave motion of gear tooth top and tooth root interference occurs, while at the same time, the meshing stiffness and sharp changes caused by serious stimulus. Gear modification can not only avoid interference, reduce the incentive and dynamic load, and also can decrease due to the base circle pitch error produced by the additional dynamic load. 5. Bearing capacity of gear material and surface treatment of reducer besides associated with teeth modulus, also directly related to material selection of gear and planet carrier. Under the condition of high speed heavy commonly use 40 cr, 42 crmo, 20 crmnti etc. In order to further improve the carrying capacity of gear and planet carrier. After heat treatment, gear tooth surface has a certain thickness of hardening layer, hardness can reach HRC60, has high bearing capacity, low hardness of gear of the core at the same time, makes the gear has a certain toughness. 6. Any manufacturing precision mechanical manufacturing accuracy will directly affect the mechanical properties of the machinery, especially high mechanical precision requirements. Commonly used large planetary reducer used in the mechanical engineering precision grade above magnitude 7. The manufacturing precision of gear is one of the more important a tooth surface roughness. Because of the gear pair in the process of transmission by contact and sliding between tooth transmission torque, so the smaller surface roughness can reduce between tooth wear, reduce fever, improve the service life of gear transmission gear and gear bearing capacity. In order to get higher surface gear needs a grinding process. The manufacturing precision of gear also involves from the cumulative error of the gear, gear ring radial deviation, deviation, etc. , are put the gear precision index to measure the gear tooth profile and the ideal tooth profile deviation. If the aggregate processing tooth profile deviation is bigger, will lead to gear uneven, produce the phenomenon such as vibration noise. 7. Reasonable institutions are in reality, of gear manufacturing error is always present, and the gear transmission device adopts uniform loading mechanism can make between the gear and planet carrier can automatically compensate various manufacturing and installation error, so as to achieve load balancing. Planetary gear reducer usually adopts the basic framework of floating institutions, are divided into a single component and two components float float at the same time. A single component floating round the sun floating, internal gear and planet carrier float float, two component within the floating with the sun wheel and gear floating at the same time, the sun and planet carrier floating. The effect of two component floating floating effect is better than individual component. For more information about planetary reducer, can pay attention to the motor controller.
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