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How to control dc servo motor controller?

by:Hoprio     2020-08-03
Dc servo motor controller by magnetic pole ( The stator) And the armature ( Rotor) , brush and commutator segment of three parts. Do some slender structure and mainly to reduce the moment of inertia, so as to satisfy the requirement of fast response servo motor controller. Controller by dc servo motor speed formula shows that there are three basic modes of speed regulation of dc motor controller, namely, adjustable resistance R, regulate the armature voltage U and adjust the value of magnetic flux Ф. 1. Change voltage electric area: the rated voltage lower down, speed by the rated speed also cut down, large range of speed regulation. 2. Changing the magnetic flux ( The change of Ke) : to change the electrical resistance of the excitation circuit can be changed. Due to the excitation circuit inductance, and wide electrical time constant, quickening the speed of poor, high speed can only from the rated speed to increase. 3. The series resistor adjustment in the armature loop. Speed can only be lowered, copper loss is big, not economic.
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