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Introduction to the load moment of inertia of the influence of dc servo motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-04
Choose for machine tool feed drive motor controller, the need to be considered part of the mechanical transmission structure matching, motor controller and motor controller running speed, and the size of the machine tool, deceleration time, motor controller to stop distance and other factors. Summarized, namely choose to match the mechanical motor controller, mainly includes the following factors: 1, load inertia than 2, deceleration characteristics ( The short processing factors) 4, 3, continuous load torque, torque motor controller pace of root mean square value of 6, it is important to note that dynamic braking distance through the correct calculation method, to select the motor controller. Here this article focuses on the load inertia ratio on the motor controller. Load inertia ratio refers to the load moment of inertia of feed shaft and the ratio of feed shaft motor controller of inertia. This value reflects the motor controller for load control. The smaller this value, the stronger the ability to control motor controller. Able to work effectively, you need to make sure that the servo motor controller for machine tool selection with appropriate moment of inertia of the motor controller. And the choice of technical indicators are called load inertia ratio ( Load moment of inertia moment of inertia/motor controller) 。 Especially, when the workpiece machining surface quality as priority elements, moment of inertia and selection of machine tool feed axis servo motor controller is the ratio of the inertia should be within the scope of the load inertia than recommended by, and as much as possible to make the load inertia ratio than smaller. In general, small inertia brake motor controller performance is good, quick start, deceleration and stop, high speed to summarize. Apply to some load is light, the high speed, high precision, as some linear high-speed positioning. Medium and large inertia of the motor controller is suitable for large load, stable occasions with higher requirements, such as some circular motion mechanism and machine tool industry. If you are in some load is larger or bigger acceleration features, choose the small inertia motor controller, so that in use process can cause great damage to the motor controller bearing, so in the choice of the servo motor controller, should according to the actual load size, the acceleration factors to select the size. The response of the servo drive controller of servo motor control, good value for the ratio of the rotor inertia load moment of inertia and the motor controller for one, not more than five times larger. Through the design of the mechanical transmission device, can make the load moment of inertia and the ratio of the motor rotor inertia controller is close to or smaller. When load inertia is large, mechanical design can not make the ratio of the rotor inertia load moment of inertia and the motor controller is less than five times, can use motor controller rotor inertia of the larger motor controller, the so-called big moment of inertia of the motor controller. Using large inertia motor controller, to achieve a certain response, drive capacity should be bigger. As a result, the load inertia than selected is too large, will cause the motor controller is not stable, the control of debugging motor controller will be very difficult. At the same time, also makes the processing accuracy and roughness of the surface is reduced, positioning time longer. The range of recommended: load inertia moment of inertia/motor controller = 3 ~ 5 note: for special processing conditions, such as woodworking machinery processing, need to be done in the high-speed mobile curve and groove processing, in this case, the Suggestions to choose inertia ratio is equal to or greater than the load moment of inertia of motor controller, in order to meet the demand of high speed machining. In addition, in the high speed and high precision machining and mould processing, suggestion choice motor controller inertia values of load inertia ratio is less than 3. Above the load inertia to discuss the influence of dc servo motor controller, more factors of the impact of servo motor controller to be late.
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