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The application of servo motor control technology

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

the application of the servo motor control technology in the application of servo control technology in the process of low speed, easy to cause the low frequency vibration problem in operation of the stepping motor controller, due to the jump frequency of no-load motor controller as the vibration frequency of 2 times, easy to affect the normal operation of the equipment due to the above problems, this requires to control the above problems by damping technique. Also is in the motor controller for damper or device Settings, controlled by the segmentation technology. Through the application of the servo motor controller, show that the stability in low speed, can not only on its own resonance function to make up for the inadequacy of its mechanical rigidity, but also by its frequency analytic function monitoring mechanical resonance point, avoid the resonance problem. And then to analyze the application of precision. In after the installation of the rear axle motor controller for rotary encoder can control the accuracy of the ac servo motor controller. With 2000 line encoder as the standard of digital ac servo motor controller, if the driver using four frequency multiplication technology, its amount of pulse is 0. 045°。 And if using 17 coder, it can receive 131072 pulse cycle, pulse motor turns a circle to 0. 0027466°。 The connotation of the servo control system in the continuous development of the modern information technology to promote the development of the servo control technology, and servo control system application in various industries. But this system belongs to the automatic control system of type, is also a kind of negative feedback system, or referred to as dynamic tunnel dynamic system, is different with the given signal change in control object. In the system of the more important sections are mainly controlled, actuators, controllers and sensors, etc. The controlled body is accused of objects, and the power amplifier and motor actuators. At present according to the different components of the system mainly divided into electrical servo system and two kinds of electro-hydraulic servo system. The reliability and stability of the former is better, also facilitate for repair and maintenance. While the latter is to use the characteristics of electro-hydraulic impulse motor as drive center, showed a high sensitivity, good rigidity and smaller time constant, etc, and because of the changes in the rate of small ups and downs and has the characteristics of stable operation. But this type of servo system in noise and easy to appear larger in the operation of oil leakage problem. And servo system according to the different methods of feedback can also be divided into a number of different types, mainly include the pulse number comparison, comparison of amplitude or phase comparison, digital servo system, etc. In this paper, the research is in accordance with the different control theory to classify servo system, mainly divided into three types: one is the open loop servo system. This system inside there is no movement of the feedback control loop feedback device and testing, has a stable work and low cost, simple structure, simple debugging maintenance etc. Main drive components in this system is the stepper motor, step in the application of this system from the Angle, mechanical transmission accuracy will affect precision of the system, such as suit in the equipment of precision and speed demand is not high. The second is a half closed loop servo system. This system main components of the presence of brush rotating transformer and measure the speed of the generator controller. In one of the transformer by using pulse encoder, therefore is not subject to the influence of nonlinear factors, and as the position and speed detection will device installed on the shaft or screw motor controller, can collect the feedback signal, the mechanical mechanism of the implementation system. So this system is suitable for application in the numerical control machine tool, is the need to have the mechanical rotating device in the application of low accuracy. At the same time in order to improve the machining precision, can be applied to the numerical control device to exert its internal error compensation and gap compensation function. Three is closed-loop servo system. The main components of the system have a better link, servo amplifier, a mechanical transmission device, motor and linear displacement measuring device and so on. The drive part is mainly to the moving parts of nc machine tools of mobile monitoring, feedback and correction. And as measured in machine components can be achieved by the full closed-loop position control system with high accuracy, and on the workbench install light tent or inductosyn, etc to realize the machining accuracy of ascension. But such vulnerable to the influence of nonlinear factors in the operation of the system, but also more complex installation and debugging process.
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