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Brushless dc motor controller electric vehicle applications

by:Hoprio     2020-07-19

brushless dc motor controller for electric vehicle application of electric vehicle is mainly used for urban traffic, vehicle in most of the time to start, acceleration, brake working condition, so the starting performance of motor controller, accelerating performance, lower efficiency, at the time of braking energy regeneration, overload capacity of motor controller, the energy density of the motor controller, motor controller for electric vehicles is particularly important, reliability is one of the important indicators to measure electric vehicle motor controller. So let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of existing motor control was used in the electric vehicle: the maximum efficiency point of general motor controller are designed near the rated point, when the load deviation point, motor controller efficiency drops sharply, the affected the travel distance of the vehicle. Switched reluctance motor controller bigger torque when it is in low speed, but the efficiency is low. Permanent magnet synchronous motor controller with high efficiency, but low speed torque cannot ascend. Only the brushless dc motor controller has all the advantages of the above motor controller, it has a series dc motor controller, low-speed torque increase function, shunt dc motor speed control performance of controller, high efficiency characteristics of permanent magnet synchronous motor controller and close to the reliability of the asynchronous motor controller, very suitable for the need of electric vehicles. So in the rapid development of electric vehicle industry, brushless motor controller has become the industry in the new standard accessories, many manufacturers are in research and development and to switch to the brushless motor controller to replace the previous brush motor controller, obtaining higher performance, better performance and longer life.
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