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Cause the temperature rise of the machine of decelerate of planet of influencing factors

by:Hoprio     2020-07-21

in the planetary mechanism of equilibrium temperature influence on the generation of heat is transformed by the power loss, including the mesh friction loss, bearing friction loss, the lubricating oil splash and mixing loss. As the heat is determined by environment, covers the lubrication method and lubrication condition, the size of the heat dissipation area, ventilation and cooling. Certain conditions, when the heat and heat balance, the whole system to balance. In temperature control system of measures, both must consider to minimize the heat production, and to consider heat dissipation. Integrated the two factors, for a stable system, the oil temperature can press type calculation, the tm = 103 p ( 1 - η) / alpha sA + t0, type: P on the input shaft power ( k W) , eta for reducer efficiency, coefficient of heat transfer for alpha s enclosure ( J/m2.S.℃) ; A body surface area and its contact with the air outside, inside the oil immersion or splash to ( m2) ; T0 for ambient air temperature. Obviously, the final equilibrium temperature tm system related to the initial t0, but not t0 increase a quantity, tm also increase the amount of the same, because the t0 will also because of the lubricant viscosity and heat transfer at the same time affect the eta, the complex relationship between the two. The delta t = temperature tm - T0 t0, need to set a certain initial conditions. In the above formulas, A and alpha s belong to the improvement of cooling factors, common measures are: using or increase the casing heat sink such as the cooling method of reinforcement; Using ventilation; Use the water cooler; Taking circulation lubrication if equipped with circulation pumps. And eta is heating power P and transfer efficiency of factors. When transfer power P changes greatly, temperature rise will change significantly. Transfer efficiency eta is a variable, factors influencing the efficiency of the eta. When transmit power P unchanged or changed little, the efficiency of the change of the eta for the influence of the temperature rise will be reflected. The influence factors of the efficiency of eta from power loss factors in the process of transfer, namely the mesh friction, bearing friction, lubricating oil splash and stir. In these three factors, meshing friction is a sliding friction, the friction of the contact area with the size of the positive pressure directly related; Bearing friction into rolling friction, values are much smaller, the lubricating oil splash and mixing is work loss, do capability from the liquid and solid friction, than the friction between the solid and solid will be much smaller, but also should be caused take seriously, right amount, according to the requirement to reduce stirring oil loss. So the mesh friction as the main way of friction loss, and the size of the losses associated with positive pressure, which is further related to the load torque.
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