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Brushless dc motor brake controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-03
Brushless dc motor controller brake is often used fast brake controller itself has two kinds of simple solution, is a kind of braking energy, one kind is short braking, braking energy is kinetic energy consumption of the motor controller on the external braking resistance, short of kinetic energy consumption braking is to put the motor controller on the stator winding of the motor controller. Apparently fever better braking energy to reduce motor controller. But short braking, don't need to make any changes to the hardware, simple is its outstanding advantages, so focus on short braking. 吗? Short braking, refers to the so-called brake can let motor controller to drive the MOS pipe bridge arm ( Or under the bridge arm) All the conduction and the bridge arm ( Or on the bridge arm) By the state, the motor controller of three-phase stator windings are all short answer. In the power generation state of motor controller, equivalent to the power is short circuit. Because of the winding resistance is small, so can produce a lot of short circuit current and the kinetic energy of the motor controller is quickly released, so that greatly the instantaneous braking torque motor controller, can achieve rapid braking effect. The higher the motor speed controller, the short-circuit current, the greater the braking force. But can not exceed more than MOS tube must be considered, so generally wait for motor speed controller is reduced to a certain degree, and use short braking.
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