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Brushless motor controller in the automotive anti-lock braking system in future

by:Hoprio     2020-07-17

the brushless motor controller development prospect in automotive anti-lock braking system in auto parts there are many parts is done by motor controller, including we can see the window lift, automobile air conditioners, wiper, electric seats, etc. , out of sight, actually also has a lot of motor controller in the work, the most typical is the automotive anti-lock braking system, is our common ABS. Believe that there are a lot of people go to buy a car can hear the salesman said the car with ABS, ABS than car is much more safe. In fact, anti-lock braking system can improve the traffic, the safety factor of the vehicle emergency braking. In other words, there is no ABS car, the car in an emergency to the emergency brake, prone to tire lock, the rotation of the steering wheel can not, such a dangerous coefficient will increase, it is easy to cause serious consequences. A core component of anti-lock braking system, is containing the motor controller. Now on the market most of the manufacturers of the anti-lock braking system are used to brush motor controller, but as the brushless motor controller technology matures, more and more manufacturers begin to pay close attention to the brushless motor controller, and embarked on research with brushless motor controller to replace the brush motor controller. Why do you want to use the brushless motor controller to replace the brush motor controller, break the traditional, to pay a lot of manpower material resources to research and development, testing, can be said to be a chore, but the strength of the brushless motor controller is a place where all manufacturers cannot ignore, also let manufacturers are willing to pay this cost to research with brushless motor controller to replace the brush motor controller. First of all, no physical carbon brush, brushless motor controller in the process of operation does not produce sparks, no additional wear and tear on the rotor has a brush motor controller once finished carbon brush wear, maintenance, such as it need to replace carbon brush brushless motor controller, the main wear from bearing, life is longer than a brush motor controller more than 2 times, and the basic maintenance free. Second, with the power brushless motor controller torque 30% larger than a brush motor controller, and the volume is 30% smaller, so that we can use smaller power, or save more space, for the design of new products to the possibility of more. Third, the precision of the brushless motor controller is higher than a brush motor controller, due to adopting digital signal commutator, brushless motor controller can also support communication protocol at the same time, the support of PLC control, can realize more types of operation mode. In general is of high precision, long life, good security, free maintenance, small size, large torque, these are a lot of auto parts manufacturers see advantage, so in MiLuoJinGu manner with brushless motor controller to replace the original motor controller test.
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