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Servo motor controller and step motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-19

(1) is also depend on impulse control, servo motor controller and step motor controller. But the positioning servo motor controller than precision stepper motor controller, for example, the standard 2000 encoder first servo motor controller, pulse volume of 0. 0027466 °, is 1. 1/655 of the 8 ° step by step. (2) servo with the encoder is used for accurate positioning. Brushless step and can also be equipped with, but not all of the step and can add brushless, depending on size of motor controller. (3), at a low speed stepping motor controller is easy to appear low frequency vibration phenomenon, and servo motor controller won't appear the phenomenon of low frequency vibration. (4) step at the time of high speed, torque will decline rapidly, so the work of the stepper motor controller general speed only - 300 600 turn, while the working speed of servo motor controller can reach 2000 - 3000 RPM. 5 stepper motor controller does not have the overload capacity, and servo motor controller can have a strong ability of overload, the maximum torque can be up to 2 - rated torque When the three times, can withstand the starting torque moment increase. Need 200-6 speed response stepper motor controller 400 milliseconds, servo motor controller needs only a few milliseconds. Overall, servo motor controller are better than the stepping motor controller is much better, but the cost is accordingly high. In general, if it is used in the ultra precision industry, a high accuracy control of equipment, you need to use servo motor controller, other accuracy is not high, speed slow industry equipment can adopt stepper motor controller to reduce the cost.
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