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Brushless motor controller driver control principle

by:Hoprio     2020-08-08
Drive is a core part in the motor controller, motor controller according to the customer equipped with the appropriate driver. Here are my to share its control principle. Turn up,
to make the motor controller control department must according to the hall - in the first place Sensor to the motor controller is the position of the rotor current, and then according to the stator winding decided to open ( Or close) Inverter ( inverter) In the order of the power transistor and makes the AH, BH, CH ( These are called upper arm power transistor) And AL, BL, CL ( These are called lower arm power transistor) , make the current flowing through the motor controller coil in a sequence downstream ( Or reverse) A rotating magnetic field, and interact with the rotor magnet, so can make the motor controller chronological/reverse rotation. When the motor rotors to hall - controller The location of the sensor sensing out another set of signals, the control of open again under a set of power transistor, so the motor controller can continue to roll according to the same direction until the control department decided to rotor motor controller to stop the close power transistor ( Or just open the arm power transistor) ; To the motor controller rotor opposite to reverse power transistor to open order. Basically the power transistor accident), for example, as follows: AH, a set of BL & rarr; AH, a group CL & rarr; BH, a group CL & rarr; BH, AL, a set of & rarr; CH, AL, a set of & rarr; CH, a set of BL but can't open AH, AL or BH, BL or CH, CL. Moreover there is always the response time of the switch because of electronic parts, so the power transistor in closed and open crisscross time will the response time of the parts into consideration, otherwise when the upper arm ( Or lower arm) Has not yet completely closed, lower arm, Or upper arm) Has been open, as a result, the upper and lower arm short circuit and make the power transistor burn out.
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