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Motor controller is broken shaft caused by what?

by:Hoprio     2020-07-17

the motor controller is broken shaft causes a, improper assembly: the motor controller and drag devices of different heart, which causes large motor controller under radial load, eventually lead to metal fatigue. When the motor controller shaft extension end of radial load is too big, will cause the motor shaft bending deformation in radial controller. Motor controller rotates, the axis of the under torsion and deformation in all directions, eventually led to the motor controller shaft fracture, fracture location near the bearing in general. For motor controller using pulley connection, but some customers for the motor controller output shaft with a pulley, the pulley is too heavy or belt installation so tight, will lead to motor controller in the process of operation, the motor controller output shaft continuous variable stress, the maximum stress of the shaft of the bending moment near the output shaft bearing pivot, repeated shocks cause fatigue, the shaft crack gradually, finally completely broken. Second, the vibration in the operation of the equipment and motor controller, such as motor controller is not fixed and firm, such as run on frame, the base is not stable, in the operation of shaking, causing the motor controller belt tension is not stable, pulled in large and cause the damage of the shaft. Three stress after welding, painting board shaft have not been released, the problem appeared in the large size of motor controller board axis, position is mostly concentrated in the picture the end of the main shaft and the combination of location, shaft fracture pattern is irregular, and most of the early stage of the motor controller failure surface is sweep chamber, only in the later inspection process can be found. For plate shaft, motor controller manufacturers stress relief measures should be taken, some manufacturers of ultrasonic methods, some manufacturers are taking annealing process, but in the end of the objective is to eliminate stress. Load moment is too large; A small cart, motor controller shaft fatigue state for a long time; Collision force can cause broken shaft, such as broken shaft is a relatively complex problems, both in motor controller manufacturer and use the customer must pay attention to the problem, to avoid the occurrence of similar problems.
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