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Ac servo energy-saving analysis of crank press

by:Hoprio     2020-07-15

1 crank press energy consumption analysis and energy recovery method 1. 1 analysis of energy consumption in the process of working in the press, the total energy consumed by A, in which A part of the is: A = A1 + A2 + A3, A4, A5 and A6 + A7, including A1 represents the deformation work; A2 represents the work of the slider-crank mechanism in the process of friction energy consumption; A3 is the representative of a press in idle generated when the up and down the energy consumption; A4 represent a single trip, in the process of the clutch engagement process of energy consumption; A5 represents the drawing pad work work; A6 represents the pressure system in the process of work, in the process of elastic deformation energy consumption; A7 on behalf of the slider in the process of the flywheel idle energy consumption. Workpiece deformation function can be expressed as material forming process of energy consumption, belong to the useful work, while the remaining six kinds of energy consumption are useless, for any kind of energy consumption to be able to adopt the corresponding ways to achieve energy saving effect. Among ordinary press, the energy dissipations of the generated busywork accounted for the proportion of the total amount is larger, the empty form between the proportion is about 10 ~ 35%, the share of flywheel idling in 6 ~ 30%, clutch engaging account for about 20%. If the driver of servo motor controller can reduce the energy consumption of the flywheel and clutch, other energy also reduces to a certain extent, finally achieve the energy saving effect. 1. 2 energy recovery way of ac servo press speed is realized by using electromagnetic brake, the moving parts after the slowdown began gradually to the electricity kinetic energy, if no effective recycling, this part of the electricity will only be able to communicate with the power of resistance to consume, such not only can make the efficiency significantly reduced, also need to join the resistance box with cooling system. In the aspect of energy recovery mainly three ways can be used to implement. ( 1) Feedback on the grid. Although this way can save some energy, but need to add the inverter system, so that the costs have been significantly increased; ( 2) Multimachine dc interconnection. If the same time in the workshop with multiple servo press work, requires to drive dc layer in the network, so can reduce the impact of the peak current, so as to achieve energy saving effect. At the same time, can also do not need to add the capacitor and the inverter device, but in fact this kind of application is restricted by the external condition is relatively serious; ( 3) Capacitors to store. In the large capacity to join capacitance of drive circuit, in the process of braking can form a large amount of electrical energy; In the process of pressing power released, for the operation of the motor controller. This way not only can save a lot of energy, more important is the ability to work as much as possible to reduce the process of a large number of current impact on power grid. This way the drawback is that the price of the large capacity is higher, the volume is bigger also, so when applied to site size to demand higher [ 1] 。 2 2 ac servo drive and press advantage analysis. 1 ac servo drive can make the system output to make dynamic changes with the change of the input, ac motor controller is very accurate, the strong ability of overload control precision, strong torque frequency performance. In recent years, servo motor controller drives the crank press have been forging machinery research is very extensive. With the continuous development of high power ac servo motor controller, and constantly update optimization control technology, make its price rising, has begun to gradually replace the ordinary motor controller the location in the project and achieve the dynamic change the slider movement, and gain more remarkable energy saving effect.
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