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What communications protocol brushless motor controller support

by:Hoprio     2020-07-17

what communications protocol brushless motor controller support as industrial development, many industries are facing transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises are facing from labor-intensive into automated production, from past human to accomplish, to now fully mechanized production automation, the most prominent example is the automobile industry. I believe you have seen many online automobile production line automatic production operation, compared to the manpower to do, mechanization automation can greatly improve productivity, and increase the yield of product. In the process of automated, there is a link is crucial, is to support communication protocol. Only support the communication protocol of the motor controller to arranged in accordance with established procedures and automatic order to finish the homework, or you can only through the manpower to switch power control operation of the motor controller. Currently supports communication protocol of motor controller mainly has three kinds: brushless motor controller, servo motor controller, stepper motor controller. Servo stepper motor controller appears early, technology and use are very mature, but they all have their own shortcomings, servo motor controller with high precision, big torque, but the cost is high, the lower cost of stepping motor controller, but slightly lower precision, no overload capacity, low jitter, etc. Brushless motor controller as a new type of mechanical and electrical integration of numerical control machine controller, though not servo motor controller of high precision, but there is no problem, usually replace completely torque, overload ability, low speed performance stable, the price is flat with a stepper motor controller. Brushless motor controller also support is the most important of communication protocol, means that automation industrial upgrading, brushless motor controller can also act as a numerical control machine controller and occupy the important position of energy saving. So what communications protocol brushless motor controller support? Brushless motor controller actually drives and servo controller of stepper motor drives the same, so they support in the same communication protocol. 232 agreement, this is almost a motor controller is the earliest support communication protocol, control can achieve 1 to 1, but the slowest, usually use 23 line interface. 485 agreement, the existing of the most widely used communication protocol, is 1 to 1 control, speed faster, it is mainly used for PWM control, man-machine dialogue, etc. , the interface for telephone line interface. CAN communication, temporary civil inside the highest level of communication protocol, support for more than 1 control, fast, stable, but the cost is higher. Ethernet communication, can be understood as we use on a computer network, and support for more than 1 control, the fastest, but due to technical reasons, generally only used for high-end development. Above is the brushless motor controller supports communication protocol. Through communication protocol support, can make the brushless motor controller on the automation capacity upgrade process occupies important position, after the brushless motor controller is also an important direction of the development of the motor controller.
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