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The direction of the brushless dc motor controller technology promotion

by:Hoprio     2020-07-21

electromechanical by studying the brushless dc motor controller in the past 20 years of technology development trend, found the brushless dc motor controller in technology and a large room to improve. In brushless dc motor controller technology promotion direction research on this problem, we do not prevent from materials technology of motor controller to explore this issue. First of all, this paper discusses brushless motor controller with the thickness of the steel movement. For stator and rotor, which is formed by superposition of thin layer electric magnetic steel, ascension steelskin layer can increase the efficiency of the motor controller, but also is helpful to control motor temperature controller. At present, manufacturing steelskin is industry one of the main technical difficulties. The main difficulty is to control the springback of die casting, and maintain the consistency of the sheet steel material. From the point of the current situation, rotary forging processing technique because of its cost and production efficiency advantages will become the mainstream of industry to make way. Secondly, in terms of winding density, in general, the amount of the stator winding in is to determine the size of a brushless dc motor controller power factor. To determine winding are mainly within the limited space of copper wire can laps around the movement. At present the use of used mechanical and electronic technology is inserted into the device, due to the stator processing is suitable for high power, and has gradually become the trend of the industry standard production. Brushless dc motor controller used to coil type, mainly include the square and round two, the current mainstream manufacturers are using round, square technology due to a higher space utilization, but is gradually replace round into the industry's direction, such as yaskawa motor controller has started to develop the technology of electronic coil winding, the purpose is to improve control and efficiency. Finally, in terms of the cooling system, points the motor controller and the inverter. Motor controller, in part due to the temperature rise of brushless dc motor controller, motor controller of magnetic force will decrease, so the efficiency of the cooling system for high power brushless motor controller operation is very important. Look from the trend of the technology evolution, the mainstream of cooling technology had gone from air-cooled, water-cooled, development to the oil cooling stage. Its main technical means is the brushless motor controller in the cold chamber into the oil to reach the purpose of cooling. Although experts say with oil friction will reduce the efficiency of the brushless motor controller, but integrated various aspects situation, oil cooling is still the current technical conditions of the most effective cooling mode. Electrical and mechanical in brushless dc motor controller design of the coil winding technology already quite mature, also great breakthrough in the field of motor controller insulation system. Mechanical and electrical realize motor controller manufacturing and there are many problems need to be solved, such as the structure of the thermal and mechanical problems. In the future, mechanical and electrical technology in brushless dc motor controller improve direction to explore issues, will work with technical team with common efforts in the same industry. Mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD in brushless dc motor controller continued to enhance investment in research and development, technology promotion direction innovative technology, to promote product upgrades, drive industry scale development by 'high quality' as the pursuit of goals
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