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Why should gear motor controller the cooling fan?

by:Hoprio     2020-07-16

we often see the cooling fan on the high-speed shaft gear motor controller, it is well known that the cooling fan is to strengthen the temperature of the cooling slowdown motor controller. Basic concepts: the hard tooth face gear tooth surface and soft, according to the size of the tooth surface hardness, usually people gear transmission can be divided into two categories, namely hard tooth surface gear transmission and soft tooth surface gear transmission, tooth surface hardness greater than 350 HBS, called the hard tooth face gear, tooth surface hardness is less than 350 HBS for soft gear tooth surfaces. Soft tooth surface heat treatment method for normalizing and tempering, commonly of hard tooth surface gear heat treatment is commonly carburizing and quenching. Under the same bearing capacity, soft tooth surface gear box of the volume is much larger than the hard tooth face. Thermal power concept: gear box in continuous operation, no more than a calculating oil temperature ( Such as 90 ℃) The real power. Soft tooth surface gear transmission generally need not consider thermal power ( Because of low bearing capacity, big volume, low temperature) And hard tooth surface gear must consider thermal power ( With high bearing capacity, small volume, high temperature) 。 Gear box fever: pause type of decelerate of hard tooth flank, one of the important parameters is thermal power, speed reducer is closely related to the thermal power and heat dissipation, to improve thermal power should first solve the problem of heating of the casing. Reducer in the hot working process ( The heating and cooling process) Oil, due to loss of meshing, bearing damage, loss, damage to the seal caused a lot of heat, makes the reducer temperature rise due to excessive power loss limit of normal system function, has great influence on the speed reducer system. To give full play to the performance of the speed reducer, a key factor is how to improve the thermal power, improve the speed reducer of thermal power is mainly through to the reducer system cooling, increase the heat release, and the cycle of lubricating oil, usually, the increase of the speed reducer of the additional cooling basically has: cooling fan, water cooling coil, forced lubrication system. Thermal conductivity, heat conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer within a continuum if there is a difference in temperature, or direct contact with the two objects at different temperature, macro material flow within the object is not visible when the heat transfer phenomenon of more heat. Macroscopic convection: there are fluid and fluid movement happened under the condition of heat is called convection. Because of can emit thermal radiation heat radiation: object, the high temperature object loses heat and low temperature heat, this way is called radiation heat transfer. Way of heat transfer of thermal conductivity reduction motor controller, speed reducer of the thermal conductive heat transfer between base and foundation, carrying on the heat exchange, reduce the temperature of the reducer. Radiation: high temperature reducer box body through the surface radiation heat transfer, heat transfer to air, heat can be taken away by air flow. Gear motor controller in the role of the cooling fan fan by wind flow reducer high speed shaft rotation, through the structure design of the fan casing make merry as much as possible to slow closed surface, accelerate body outer surface air flow, accelerate the radiation heat transfer, heat faster, take away heat, reduce the temperature of the reducer. Some say, reducer box around the high temperature, fan out of the wind is blowing hot air, how can reduce the temperature of the reducer? That's like our summer blew fan ( Or get the fan fan) , so hot weather, why do we feel it a fan? In fact the same is true, be accelerated the flow of air, accelerated the thermal radiation heat transfer, took away our heat on the surface of the skin.
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