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How to install the machine of decelerate of planet?

by:Hoprio     2020-07-17

1, before installation, make sure the motor controller and speed reducer are intact, and strict inspection machine of decelerate of motor controller and connect each part size matches, here is the positioning of the motor controller, input shaft and convex reducer groove size and tolerance, etc. Second, unscrew the reducer flange lateral dust hole on the screw, adjust the PCS system clamping ring side holes aligned with the dust holes, insert the socket head screw. The shaft key, take the motor controller. Third, connect the motor controller and speed reducer nature. Connection must ensure that the reducer output shaft and motor controller input shaft concentricity is consistent, and the two parallel to the outer flange. Such as concentricity inconsistent, can lead to broken motor controller shaft or reducer gear wear and tear. In addition, during the installation, it is forbidden to use the hammer hit, such as prevent damage of axial force and radial force is too large bearings or gears. Must will be installed after the bolt tightening bolt screw tight force again. Before installation, the motor controller input shaft, the positioning convex sets and rust-proof oil of the reducer connection with gasoline or zinc sodium water wipe clean. Its purpose is to guarantee the tightness of the connection and operation flexibility, and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. In front of the motor controller is connected to the speed reducer, should first will bolt vertical shaft keyway and force motor controller. In order to ensure the uniform stress, first to the installation of the bolt screw on arbitrary diagonal position, but do not tighten, then screw in the installation of the other two diagonal position bolt finally tighten the four mounting bolts one by one. Finally, the bolt screw tight force. All bolts must be torque wrench tight force according to the fixed torque data indicated by the fixed and check. Proper speed reducer and mechanical equipment installation machine of decelerate of affinity between the drive motor controller and installed correctly. The key is to must ensure that the part reducer output shaft and driven shaft concentricity.
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