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Some of the considerations about the high voltage motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-15

some matters needing attention about high voltage motor controller of high pressure motor controller are often equipped with rotor fixed device to prevent the movement of the rotor. Move the motor controller, must be put on the rotor fixed device. Don't install fixtures may occur because of the rotor axial movement damage. At the same time, the motor controller in the process of transportation should guarantee the controller on the tap, in order to prevent the transportation by road bumps in the process of the bearing system damage by external forces. Because without tap appeared a lot of problems bearing damage, the motor controller manufacturers to provide special special attention to the link. A: lifting process matters needing attention all lifting must use derrick or hanging hole, must not be allowed in the core plate or coil lifting or support, when lifting the whole motor controller, with a sling and ensure uniform weight distribution, high voltage motor controller to guarantee the motor controller is in a state of balance, and poles in order to avoid deformation of cap. For any part of the winding blowing strongly is likely to damage the insulation and cause burning coil. If you want to place the motor controller for temporary, motor controller or parts should be on the appropriate level of support. Do not use cap crane lifting handle on the whole motor controller. If the weight is heavy coupling or other attachments that lifting imbalance, should add sling to prevent dumping. For such requirement, suggest a more eye-catching way of marking on the motor controller, to ensure that the requirements on the motor controller using any site can be identified. 2: vertical motor controller installation and transportation motor controller must ensure that the motor controller kept upright, flange, down the motor controller is strictly forbidden to flat transportation motor controller. This requirement should be test, transportation and storage of the motor controller implemented in the process, otherwise it will cause bearing motor controller system direct question ( Noise and vibration) 。 Lug chassis, motor controller can pass it lifting the motor controller, it is forbidden to use the lug or vertical motor controller on the cooler the lug on the end cover lifting the whole motor controller. 3: high voltage motor controller, storage and protection as far as possible make the motor controller is stored in a clean, dry place and take cover. If storage room is cold, damp, or subjected to severe temperature changes, should maintain a motor winding temperature controller degrees higher than the environment temperature to prevent condensation and absorption of moisture. Can send the electric heater ( When a heater) Or put a few light bulb inside the frame and electric drive wave. With the scene of the waterproof cloth cover motor to prevent dust, but is not recommended to use plastic sheeting. Measuring insulation resistance to verify every month storage protection effect. Obvious after the insulation resistance change is usually be affected with damp be affected with damp, the improvement of storage conditions should be considered at this time. Winding insulation, although have very good moistureproof sex itself, but when the motor should be appropriate to consider to prevent winding be affected with damp be affected with damp when not in use. This kind of rust protection also can prevent the core as well as bare metal corrosion. If the cold and wet storage places and motor with electric heater should be heater. For thin oil lubrication bearing motor controller, in front of the packaging has a special kind of anti-rust oil retained in the bearing oil storage room. For best results, use every three months until the same special anti-rust oil to replace a motor in normal use. Attention is usually on the shaft with a rotor fixed device in order to prevent the rotor move when move the motor controller. The fixing device in front of the electric motor or rotating shaft must be pulled down. And, when the motor from the storage place must be remounted before moving to finally use location.
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