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Motor controller founded amateur interest group

by:Hoprio     2020-08-06
To promote departments, staff harmonious communication, enrich amateur life, enhance the sense of belonging to the enterprise, set up the mechanism of full participation in the activities, so as to promote the enterprise culture construction, motor controller formed amateur interest group. Has the interest groups as follows: table tennis team, basketball team, badminton team, chess class group, mountaineering team, spiritual growth group ( Note: through a variety of interactive activities, self-understanding, understanding others, release the pressure, reduce anxiety, to promote spiritual growth and good relationship with ourselves and with others) And so on.

in groups of interest in line with the principles of voluntary application, each group has at least 12 members names, leader of the chosen by personal recommendation, open selection, responsible for group work rules, activity plan to formulate and organize group activities. All activities outside working hours, as far as possible and try to create conditions, combined with the use of various resources, establish the indoor table tennis, badminton and chess room. Company is responsible for the purchase of sports equipment and related items, as well as handing out part of the activities, every six months or a year, the company hold a hobby group activities, and give a reward to selection of the winners.

last month from work colleagues have been using the time of table tennis team ranking, also show a handful of team members. How superb skills, although not to participate, however, is also the purpose of interest group company run in order to enhance your mental outlook, enrich amateur life, strengthen the communication between staff. For now good, saw many colleagues more lovely.
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