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Brushless dc motor controller, a new type of high efficiency and energy saving motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

the brushless dc motor controller, a new type of high efficiency and energy saving motor controller. Since 2008, from the energy-saving lamps to energy-saving air conditioning to fuel-efficient cars, the Chinese government fiscal subsidies, and guide the industry technology upgrade, with a more positive attitude and actions for low-carbon development countermeasures. A substantial increase in the crucial task of conventional energy efficiency brushless dc motor controller products is also on the list. High efficiency and energy saving motor controller instead of traditional motor controller is the trend of The Times, the big space in the future. Motor controller electricity consumption in China accounted for the proportion of the total power consumption of up to 50%, accounting for nearly 70% of the total industrial electricity consumption. Therefore, to reduce the energy consumption per unit GDP, in the field of motor controller ', and high efficiency and energy saving motor controller can be used as a breakthrough point of energy saving. Brushless dc motor controller is to use semiconductor switching device to realize the electronic commutation, electronic switching device instead of traditional contact commutator and brush. It has high reliability, no commutation spark, and low mechanical noise. In the structural design of brushless dc motor controller, the reasonable design of the stator flux density, avoid saturation, high speed of the motor controller, appropriate to reduce the magnetic parts of new type high efficiency and energy saving motor controller, dc brushless motor controller has the following advantages and efficient energy-saving breakthrough. New type of brushless dc motor controller without iron loss and magnetic damping, greatly improve the efficiency. Industrial sawing machine field test show that the controller of the traditional system and the traditional motor ( Brush with induction motor controller) Compared to the brushless dc motor controller system under working condition can be energy-saving 30%. 0 kw and 2 kw diesel power station, compared with the traditional generator controller, oil-saving rate was 40%. No brush, low interference. In addition to the brushless dc motor controller brush, the most immediate change is not a brush motor controller during edm operation, thus greatly reduce the electric spark interference of remote radio equipment. So the volume is small, the weight is only a fraction of a traditional motor controller. And can save 80% of the steel, silicon steel sheet, 100% 50% of copper. High reliability. Long life, low maintenance cost less the brush. Brushless dc motor controller of wear is mainly on the bearing, from the mechanical point of view, brushless motor controller is almost a maintenance-free motor, when necessary, the only need to do some cleaning maintenance. Improve the performance of insulation, waterproof, moisture-proof, dustproof, reliable operation, low temperature rise, improve the environment adaptability under extreme conditions, the traditional motor controller generally working time experiment for 2000 hours, and brushless dc motor controller of up to 20000 hours. Our government has stressed to use high efficiency motor controller. To improve efficiency, is to reduce the loss of all. The wastage of the motor controller are mainly iron loss, copper loss, mechanical loss and stray loss. Brand brushless dc motor controller is actively developing a motor controller, with higher speed of the brushless motor controller update, more energy efficient to achieve high efficiency motor controller.
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