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The history of the brushless dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-08
Small make up before what is a brushless dc motor controller is introduced, and the application of the brushless dc motor controller in the computer system, the application of brushless dc motor controller in all walks of life made a detailed introduction, here again to talk about incarnations of brushless dc motor controller.
in 1831, Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction phenomenon, laid the foundation the basic theory of modern motor controller. Since the 1840 s, successfully developed the first dc motor controller, after about 17 years, dc motor controller tends to mature technology. With the enlargement of the application domain, also more and more high to the requirement of dc motor controller, have contact with the mechanical reversing device limits the application of brushless dc motor controller in many occasions. In order to replace a controller of brushless dc motor brush and commutator of the structure of the mechanical device access, people have made long-term exploration. In 1915, americans Langnall invented the mercury rectifier control grid, made from dc to ac inverter device. In the 1930 s, some with ion device for motor controller of the stator winding in the rotor position in so-called commutator motor controller, but this kind of motor controller as a result of poor reliability and low efficiency, the whole device is bulky and complex and has no practical value.
the rapid development of science and technology, the power semiconductor technology leap. The successful development of switch transistor to create a new type of dc motor controller & ndash; — Brushless dc motor controller is brought to life. For the first time in 1955, americans Harrison was presented, which use the transistor circuit controller instead of motor brush contact thought, this is the prototype of the brushless dc motor controller. It is composed of power amplifier, a signal detection, and other components of the magnetic body and the transistor switch circuit, its working principle is that when the rotor rotates, sensing the periodic signal in the signal winding electromotive force, the signal electromotive force respectively for commutation of transistor conduction in turn. The problem is that, first of all, when the rotor turn signals in the winding does not produce inductive electromotive force, unbiased, transistor power winding will not feed, so this kind of brushless dc motor controller without starting torque; Second, as the forefront of electromotive force signal gradient is not big, power transistor. In order to overcome these disadvantages, people used the commutator of centrifugal device, or in the methods of auxiliary magnetic steel is placed on the stator is used to ensure reliable starting motor controller. But the former structure is complex, while the latter requires additional start pulse. Behind, after repeated experiments and practice constantly, people finally found with position sensor and the commutation circuit instead of brushless dc motor controller has the mechanical reversing device, which opens a new route for the development of dc motor controller. ⒛ century 60 s, close to switch position sensor, electromagnetic resonant position sensor and high frequency coupling position sensor appeared, and then the magnetoelectric coupling and photoelectric position sensor. The rapid development of semiconductor technology, make people of 1879 americans found hall of hall effect happening again, after years of efforts, finally successfully trial-produced in 1962 with the help of hall element ( The rotor position of hall effect sensor) To implement the commutation of the brushless dc motor controller. In the early 1970 s, was successfully trial-produced again with the help of around one thousand times higher than the sensitivity of hall element of the magnetic susceptibility diode realize commutation of brushless dc motor controller. In trial production of various types of position sensor at the same time, people try to seek a kind of no additional position sensor of the structure of the brushless dc motor controller. In 1968, the germans W· Mieslinger puts forward a new method of phase is realized by using capacitance phase shift. On this basis, the germans R· Hanitsch successfully trial-produced by means of digital combination of circular distributor and zero discriminator to implement sensorless commutation of brushless dc motor controller. Motor controller co. , LTD. , China's first-class enterprise brushless dc motor controller, creating common, standards, the full range of brushless dc motor controller. Welcome new and old customers advisory, more information please visit: http://www. hengdrive。 com。

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