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The birth of the brushless dc motor controller and the development process

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

brushless dc motor controller to their excellent properties has been widely used in the field of drive control, but the ordinary due to mechanical switch and brush dc motor controller, poor reliability, need regular maintenance; Produce electromagnetic interference in phase noise is big, affected the further application of dc motor controller in control system. Mechanical commutation bring in order to overcome the shortcomings, in electronic commutation replace the mechanical commutation of brushless dc motor controller arises at the historic moment. Harrison and others for the first time applied to replace the mechanical brush commutation circuit with transistor patents, marks the birth of modern brushless dc motor controller. And electronic commutation of brushless dc motor controller is really into the practical phase, in 1978 the MAC classic of brushless dc motor controller and driver. After the international brushless motor controller has carried on the thorough research, successively developed ChengFangBo brushless motor controller and sine wave brushless dc motor controller. In structure, with a brush dc motor controller is different, the stator winding of the brushless dc motor controller as the armature, replaced by permanent magnet excitation winding. According to the inflow of the armature winding current waveform, brushless dc motor controller can be divided into the square wave brushless dc motor ( BLDCM) Dc motor and the sine wave, 永磁同步电动机) , BLDCM electronic commutation to replace the original dc motor mechanical commutation, done by permanent magnet rotor, eliminating the brush; All-digital fuzzy is replacing field winding of synchronous motor rotor with permanent magnet, eliminating the field winding, slip ring and brush. In the same condition, the driving circuit for square wave more easily, and easy to control, thus the application of BLDCM is all-digital fuzzy to the more widely. Brushless dc motor controller in general by electronic commutation circuit, the rotor position detection circuit and motor controller ontology of three parts, electronic commutation circuit generally consists of control part and driving part, and the detecting of rotor position is used commonly position sensor to complete. Work, the controller based on position sensor measured motor rotor position in order to trigger controller driver circuit of each power tube, an orderly in flow, to drive the dc motor. As a new permanent magnet materials, microelectronics technology, automatic control technology and the development of power electronic technology especially high power switching devices, brushless motor controller obtained rapid development. Brushless dc motor controller is not specifically with electronic commutation controller of dc motor, brushless dc motor controller but referring to have external characteristic of electronic commutation motor controller. Brushless dc motor controller not only keep the traditional dc motor good static and dynamic regulating performance, simple structure, reliable operation, easy to control. Its application from the initial military industry, medical, information, aerospace, household appliances as well as the rapid development of industrial automation field.
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