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How to control two brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-18

how to control two brushless motor controller is a brushless motor controller drives the brushless motor controller to control the mechanical and electrical integration of the motor controller, drives the brushless motor controller for digital signal for the brushless motor controller, brushless motor controller to work. There are a lot of client devices applied to are usually more than one motor controller, then the customer will have doubt, can at the same time with a brushless motor drive controller to control two or more of the brushless motor controller? Will discuss this problem together with you today. Brushless motor controller is actually a known collectively, is cancelled the physical carbon brush motor controller, reversing through digital signal, so as to reduce the volume, loss reduction, increase torque. After years of development and technological innovation, a lot of micro brushless motor controller has done the built-in motor drive controller tail, the factory has set a good speed, steering, and so on parameter, then only need to box has a brush motor controller that could turn the power is connected, the micro brushless motor controller while the operation is simple and convenient, but if you want to change the operation mode, brushless motor controller is very difficult, need to open the motor controller and driver circuit board set. So a relatively large brushless motor controller, the external drive, although said wiring trival, but easy to control. So a brushless motor controller driver can control two or more brushless motor controller? In the electromechanical integration of existing usage more motor controller, stepper motor controller and the servo motor controller is one of the popular. But servo motor controller and step motor controller is essentially a drive control a motor controller, although some stepper motor controller can be a drive control multiple stepper motor controller, but only for a small torque of stepping motor controller. Brushless motor controller is also same, is essentially a drive control of a brushless motor controller, which involves the accuracy of current, the limitation of signals, etc, as for the communication protocol to control multiple brushless motor controller, and is feasible in theory, but under the 485 agreement and communication protocols are only support 1 to 1, the control of CAN communication above is CAN support 1 to many, but involves the technical and cost reasons, the CAN communication is applied to the brushless motor controller is very few high-end research and development will be used, energy production and civil level, are basically used the 485 agreement. So, unless there is a small power brushless motor controller, the rest is essentially a drive control of a brushless motor controller.
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