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Electromechanical about brushless motor controller non-inductive and inductive disadvantages in contrast

by:Hoprio     2020-07-21

electromechanical conventional brushless motor controller to use hall components to detect motor controller, the need for additional devices and circuits, increase the complexity of the motor controller. And model brushless motor controller mainly non-inductive brushless motor controller, non-inductive without hall sensor, brushless motor controller is to use electronic controller to detect motor controller to determine rotor position to counter electromotive force change. The mechanical and electrical is non-inductive brushless motor controller and inductive brushless motor controller compares the advantages and disadvantages. Non-inductive brushless motor controller: the advantages of simple structure, low cost, convenient installation, non-inductive brushless motor controller faults: rotor position detection accuracy is reduced, running accuracy is reduced, startup than inductive brushless motor controller is stable. All kinds of empty module and the vast majority of use non-inductive brushless motor controller, including helicopters, fixed wing, multi-axis. Most of the models of motor controller is non inductive motor controller, also have a small is the use of inductive motor controller, especially the drift models. Inductive brushless motor controller advantage: high precision, stable starting operation. 1, under the condition of high temperature, vibration and so on due to the presence of sensor lower the system reliability. 2, sensor cable much inconvenience to install, easy to cause electromagnetic interference. 3, the installation of sensor precision directly affect the motor controller running performance, especially in the multipolar motor controller installation precision is difficult to guarantee. Whether inductive motor controller or non inductive motor controller, they all belong to the category of brushless motor controller. The brushless motor controller in use process should pay attention to what? Mechanical and electrical small make up also organize some considerations brushless motor controller for your reference: 1, monitoring the temperature of the temperature rise shall not exceed the brushless motor controller brand of the allowable limit. Brushless dc motor controller running temperature monitor the running status of brushless dc motor controller is direct and reliable way. 2, monitoring the operation of the brushless motor controller current run under normal circumstances should not exceed the nameplate rating. Also should pay attention to whether the current balance, and any two current difference should not be greater than 10% of the rated current, dc brushless motor controller otherwise defective. 3, monitor the power supply voltage change in voltage should not be more than or less than 10% of the rated voltage range, if lower than this range, should be appropriately reduced load operation. At the same time, voltage imbalance also cannot too much. The difference of any two phase voltage should not exceed 5%, otherwise will make brushless motor controller fever too fast. 4, monitoring, brushless motor controller in the running noise, vibration and smells, and normal operation of brushless dc motor controller, voice even, smooth operation, no edge paint smell and the smell. In case of abnormal noise, vibration, such as insulating paint coke smell, dc brushless motor controller overheating or other failures. 5, and monitor the condition of the bearings, bearing noise and fever. Rolling bearing heating temperature not over 95 ℃, sliding bearing heating temperature not over 80 ℃. Bearing abnormal sound or overheating, is poor lubrication bearing, wear and tear caused by severe. Throughout the full text, we distinguish between the brushless motor controller in the non-inductive and inductive after their respective advantages and disadvantages of contrast, should also pay attention to the operation condition of the brushless motor controller in use process, more monitoring brushless motor controller can find problems in time, solve the problem, which is advantageous to the motor controller used for a long time.
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