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Application in the field of nc machine tool servo control system

by:Hoprio     2020-07-18

CNC machine tool servo system, also known as position servo system, the numerical control information into machine tool feed movement of the actuator. The system is composed of feed servo system and spindle servo system. Feed system is used to control the machine tool cutting feed movement of each axis is mainly composed of the following parts: the servo drive circuit, servo drive unit ( Motor controller) , position detection device, mechanical transmission mechanism and implement components. Spindle servo system is used to control the machine tool spindle rotary motion and torque and power in the process of cutting, usually is given priority to with speed control. Nc machine tools on the function of the servo system demand basically has the following several aspects: 1) High precision. 2) Stability is good. 3) A quick response. 4) High torque at low speed. 5) Wide range of speed. 6) With reversible work ability. CNC machine tool servo motor controller has the following properties: 1) Wide range of speed regulation, and has a good stability, speed smoothly when at a low speed. 2) Has a large and long overload ability. 3) Reaction speed, servo motor controller must have a smaller moment of inertia, large torque, as small as possible electromechanical time constant, and the great acceleration. 4) Turn to withstand frequent start-stop and positive and negative. 5) High precision. Servo system must satisfy some measures as follows: within 1 ~ 2400 mm/min, uniform and stable, no creeping; Below 1 mm/min has certain instantaneous velocity, but require the average speed is very low; At zero speed, positioning error is not exceed the permitted scope; Under rated static downhill from changes require less than 5%, less than 10% for dynamic downhill Motor speed from zero to the maximum, or from the biggest to zero, the time should be under 200 ms, and the speed change should be no overshoot; The positioning precision position servo system should be at 1 PM, usually even zero. 下午1点。
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