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Brushless motor controller using self-control type inverter

by:Hoprio     2020-07-19

brushless motor controller using self-control type inverter brushless motor controller is adopted in the control type inverter, it is different from general inverter. Adjust its output frequency is not independent, but by installed on the shaft of the synchronous motor rotor position detector control. Whenever the rotor turns a certain position ( For example, 90 ° or 120 ° electrical Angle) , the position detector to produce the corresponding signal, applied to the corresponding semiconductor components, make the corresponding phase winding electricity, torque is produced. Motor rotor in each turn a pair of poles, semiconductor devices in turn conduction week, inverter output ac change accordingly a cycle. So self-control type inverter output frequency and the rotational speed of the motor is always in sync, there will not be out of step. The contrast in the stepping motor controller is a big advantage, the oscillation of the stepping motor controller out-of-step phenomenon is a problem in a lot of customers, then switch to the brushless motor controller can change the status quo. In the brushless motor controller, inverter consists of a transistor. Because the transistor has the ability to turn off, as long as its base on the control signal disappears, the transistor will shut off by itself, so it is easier to control. In the capacity of the larger brushless motor controller, inverter is composed of thyristor. Thyristor is not the ability to turn off, can't remove the trigger signal so that it is shut off. So when current brushless motor controller need to stop, let another common electricity, how to shut off the original pilot of thyristor, the electric current is transferred to a new phase of thyristor, thyristor converter problem between is the key technology of brushless motor controller. There is no doubt that the brushless motor controller has overcome the technical difficulties, let the brushless motor controller to ensure the safety of the use, under the premise of performance and life, to be able to mass production and put into use.
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