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Ac servo motor controller vibration fault according to the judgment

by:Hoprio     2020-07-15

1 fault occurred in the boot after debugging, the new equipment in the period of the fault is the most complex, may be because of reasons of mechanical manufacture, it is possible that the reason of parameter adjustment is not correct, the need to rule out step by step, eliminating principle is to eliminate simple, after excluding complex, if it is numerical control system is equipped with two or more of the same drive and ac servo motor controller, one of the vibration motor controller, can use the simplest method of 'exchange' will be two of the ac servo motor controller servo drive exchange, using this method can quickly judge whether the problem out on the servo driver parameter Settings. 2 failure occurred in the equipment running after using for a long time, the basic can be ruled out servo drive parameter setting problem, because if the parameter Settings, should have reflect the problem. 3 failure after just boot, if just boot ac servo motor controller produces vibration, this situation is found in nc system in machine tool can be determined when the origin mechanical jam happened lead to motor controller can't reach the specified location or produce repeated after arrived at the specified location, this situation is usually mechanical failure. 4 faults in the machine tool in machining, the situation first consideration is the increased when processing load caused by the vibration, over load increase check the reason. 5 failure law of continuous or intermittent irregular, fault and declared successively occur failure cause of the vibration motor controller, and the intermittent and declared irregular happened failure cause of the vibration motor controller change sometimes, if there is no big change basic load of this kind of circumstance can rule out the reason of servo drive parameter Settings.
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