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Dc servo motor driver and classification principle

by:Hoprio     2020-08-04
Dc servo motor is very linear mechanical properties, wide speed range, large torque, and the advantages of simple control circuit, after long-term development, but also has the structure of the ac servo motor controller is simple, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. Controller including stator and the rotor iron core, the dc servo motor commutator rotor motor controller, servo motor controller winding controller, servo motor, speed motor controller windings, motor speed controller, commutator and rotor core of silicon steel plate of overlying fixed on the rotor motor controller. Driving principle of the dc servo motor controller, servo positioning by pulse, basically can understand it, servo motor controller receives a pulse, will rotate one pulse of the corresponding point of view, so as to realize the displacement, because, the function of the servo motor controller itself has a pulse, so each rotation Angle of a servo motor controller, send out the corresponding number of pulses, in this way, and accept the pulse forming the echo of servo motor controller, or closed loop, as a result, the system will know how many pulses sent to the servo motor controller, how much charge pulse back again at the same time, in this way, can is the control of the rotation of the motor controller, so as to realize the localization, can reach 0. 001mm。 Dc servo motor controller is divided into a brush and brushless motor controller. A brushless dc servo motor controller - — Motor controller of low cost, simple structure, big start torque, wide speed range, easy control, need to be maintained, but the maintenance is convenient, In carbon brush) , will produce electromagnetic interference, have on the environment. So it can be used in ordinary industrial and civil occasions is sensitive to the cost. Brushless dc servo motor controller - — Motor controller is small in size, light weight, the output is big, fast response, high speed, small inertia, the rotation smooth, stable torque. Easy to implement intelligent and flexible its electronic commutation, can square wave or sine wave phase commutation. There is no loss of carbon brush and maintenance-free motor controller, high efficiency, operating temperature lower noise, electromagnetic radiation is very small, long life, can be used for all kinds of environment. Dc servo motor controller according to the motor controller inertia size can be divided into: 1. Small inertia dc motor controller - — Automatic drilling machine of PCB 2. In the moment of inertia dc motor controller, Wide speed dc motor controller) — — Nc machine tool feed system 3. Large inertia dc motor controller - — Nc machine tool spindle motor controller is 4. The special form of low inertia dc motor controller
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