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Brushless dc motor controller can not drive?

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

at present, many do automation equipment manufacturers focus on the brushless dc motor controller, are fond of using brushless dc motor controller instead of low efficiency, before many insurmountable defects such as large noise and motor controller, such as the three-phase asynchronous motor controller, stepper motor controller, etc. But they were to the motor controller company consulting brushless dc motor controller parameters and the process of technical problems, all aspects mentioned to brushless dc motor controller can not drive? In fact, the brushless dc motor controller is not don't have to drive. This comes up from the principle of the brushless motor controller. Brushless dc motor controller, 刷) In electronic commutator replaces mechanical commutator, brushless dc motor controller for electronic commutation, so you need to use driver circuit. Commutation of the brushless dc motor controller consists of two parts, drive and control circuits, it is not easy to separate the two parts, especially small power circuit integration between the two usually become single application-specific integrated circuit. In large power brushless dc motor controller, drive circuit and control circuit can become one. Drive circuit output power, drive motor armature winding, and controlled by the control circuit. Drive circuit has been from the linear amplification state into PWM switch state, the corresponding circuit composition also from transistor discrete circuit into modular integrated circuit. Modular integrated circuit with power bipolar transistors, power field effect tube and isolation gate field effect in the form of a bipolar transistor, etc. Although, isolation bipolar transistor gate field effect the price is more expensive, but from the perspective of the safe and reliable performance with it is more appropriate. Brushless direct mechanical and electrical machine controller driver mode according to different categories can be divided into a variety of driving mode, they have their own characteristics. According to the waveform: square wave drive, this drive way to achieve convenient, easy to realize motor controller without position sensor control; Sine drive, drive mode can improve the motor controller running effect, make the output torque evenly, but the implementation process is relatively complicated. At the same time, this method and SPWM and SVPWM ( Space vector PWM) Two kinds of ways, better than SPWM SVPWM. Brushless dc motor controller, 刷) In electronic commutator replaces mechanical commutator, so the brushless dc motor controller not only has good speed regulating performance characteristics such as dc motor controller, and ac motor controller structure is simple, no commutation spark, reliable operation and easy maintenance, etc. This is the reason why more and more automation equipment manufacturers love using it, welcome to pay close attention to production brushless motor controller of mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD. , http://www. tcmotor。 com
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