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Why is the brushless motor controller is misunderstood? Look at the motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-16

a lot of people have seen the model with brushless motor controller, batteries, they use so a lot of people there has been such a misunderstanding in the knowledge, thought the brushless motor controller is a dc motor controller, actually otherwise, brushless motor controller belongs to ac motor controller, is a kind of three-phase ac permanent magnet motor controller, input model of brushless motor controller 3 wire current is the alternating current (ac), it's just, it is not a 50 hz ac mains sine wave, but from the brushless motor controller (controller Commonly known as brushless electric adjustable) Three-phase alternating square wave modulation, frequency is higher than 50 hz, and the changes over the motor controller speed. Structure, brushless motor controller and a brush motor controller is similar, also have the rotor and stator, and only has the structure of the motor controller instead; Have motor controller of the turn is winding, connected to a power output shaft, the stator is permanent magnet steel; Brushless motor controller of rotor is a permanent magnet steel, along with shell and output axis is linked together, the stator is winding coil, to remove a brush motor controller used for alternating electromagnetic field commutator brush, so called the brushless motor controller ( 无刷电机) , that have a problem now, did not have the electromagnetic field transformation, how to make the brushless motor controller turn? Rely on, in short, to change the input to the brushless motor controller on the stator coil of alternating current wave frequency and waveform, around the winding coil to form a full rotating motor controller geometry axis of magnetic field, the magnetic field driving permanent magnet on the rotor magnet steel, motor controller turned up and the performance of the motor controller and a number of magnetic steel, magnetic steel, magnetic flux intensity, and the size of the motor controller input voltage and other factors, more and the control of the brushless motor controller performance has much to do, because the input is the direct current, current need electronic governor turned it into three phase alternating current (ac), also need to receive control signal from the remote control receiver, control the turning speed of the motor controller, to meet the needs of the model using. In general, the structure of the brushless motor controller is relatively simple, really determine its performance or brushless electronic governor, good electronic governor needs a single chip microcomputer control program design, circuit design, control the overall process, such as complex processing technology, so the prices are much higher than a brush motor controller.
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