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The main reason for the dc motor controller spark a lot

by:Hoprio     2020-08-04
A commutation spark reasons are varied, must be in numerous factors, find the main reason, can discharge fault, improve the reversing. Check out the commutation deterioration reason. Usually called reversing conditions normalize check and adjustment, the reversing accident treatment method is commonly used in dc motor controller, its principle is as follows. In a dc motor controller was put into operation or in the operation of the past, the reversing has been is normal, but in the later operation process, gradually deteriorate or sudden deterioration, show in front of the deterioration of the reversing motor controller, the sliding contact, the structure of the motor controller and motor controller parts work is normal. Some part in the process of motor controller is running, the working condition changed, or the environment changes, which destroyed the sliding contact, changed the normal state of reversing, and lead to the deterioration of the reversing. If to these factors, which affect the commutating motor controller to conduct a comprehensive inspection and adjustment, make its can restore the original normal state, the reversing namely can resume normal. Test for reversing the normalization is dc motor controller for reversing the cause of the accident and troubleshooting of common method, it includes the following main items: 1. Resistance measurement between two commutator. Commutator pendulum to measure 3. Brush the neutral check 4 below. Brush pole pitch, drama and crack check and adjustment of 5. Brush and brush work performance tests
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